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Weight Scale - Buy the best for the lowest price online

Updated on June 2, 2010

So, you're in the market for a weight scale? It's definitely not a bad thing to keep around the house. After all, it's important to maintain a healthy weight so that you could avoid the health problems that are associated with being excessively overweight. And if you're going to use a weight scale to keep track of your weight - for health reasons or to see your progress when you're on a diet - you should find the scale that is right for you.

There are many different kinds of weight scales to choose from with different features that are enjoyed by some and abhorred by others. For example, there are some scales that will tell you your weight to the tenth or hundredth decimal point. Some people enjoy seeing this fluctuation but others are disturbed by the ups and downs that are apparent on these types of scales. These people find a more representative weight is given by a scale that is rounded to the nearest pound - fluctuating less than these other weight scales.

Here are some of the questions that you might want to think about when you're making a weight scale purchase:

  • Do you want a digital scale? Some people prefer moving the weights on a non-digital scale and others prefer a digital readout that they may consider more accurate.
  • Do you want a scale that rounds to the pound?
  • Do you want a scale that has special features? For example, some weight scales will tell you an approximate body fat percentage in addition to giving you your weight. Others can be hooked up to your computer to send your information to a file that will track your weight changes for you.
  • What size, shape and style preferences do you have for your weight scale? Think about where in the house you are going to keep this item (many people keep them in their bathrooms) and whether you want it to match the rest of that room's d├ęcor.

After you've thought about these questions, you'll have a good idea of what kind of scale you are looking for. Right down a bulleted description of this scale so that you can keep it in mind when you are searching for the right scale. By sticking to these points that matter to you in the ideal scale, you can focus your search and increase the likelihood of reducing your costs.

You can buy your weight scale from a number of different online sources. Some of those sources include:

  • Online branches of major stores. Stores that you'd recognize by name such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target or Wal-Mart have online storefronts where you can purchase your weight scale. Look for sales and compare prices between stores.
  • Online-only stores that specialize in weight scale sales. There are a number of online-only stores that offer discounted prices on weight scales. MyWeigh is one example of that kind of store front.
  • Online comparison stores and auction sites. Comparison stores like NexTag will let you find the scale with the features you've identified. Auction sites (like eBay) do the same and allow you to offer a decreased price for the scale that you want.

If you know what kind of weight scale you're looking for and you're willing to do a little bit of leg work, you can get the scale that you want at a good price.


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