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How To Stay Sober Using That Positive Attitude

Updated on February 17, 2011

Getting Sober and Staying Sober

Getting sober for many people seems like an impossible thing to achieve, but staying sober is the real task for anyone that wants to change their lives.

How to stay sober using that positive is the key to success for any alcoholic that wants to get clean and sober.

Once you have decided you want to stop drinking alcohol and change your life around is a huge accomplishment for anyone addicted to alcohol. It is a very hard decision when someone depends so much on their addiction to alcohol to get them through each day.

Many alcoholics can say I'm quitting drinking as of tomorrow and they do so, but it may only last for a short time until something triggers them to start drinking alcohol again.

Anyone can quit drinking alcohol for short periods of time, but can you stick to it? Many quit drinking alcohol to please someone in their life that totally disagrees with their style of life and their addiction to alcohol, so the alcoholic cools it with the drinking to pacify their spouse, friend or even a parent for that matter. When they see that all has calmed down in their family life and they have proved that they can stop drinking, they slowly start the process over again, slow but sure, and eventually wind up drinking at the pace they were before when they were called down on their alcohol intake.


Oh my, that picture looks so familiar to me and I am quite sure it looks familiar to many that are reading this and may have a problem with drinking alcohol.

You know, when you really think about it, how something such as alcohol can destroy and ruin relationships, friendships, marriages, jobs, your health and so much more and we all know the conscientious when abusing any type of harmful substances, but we still continue to drink and use.




We all know that staying sober is a tough job. If the alcoholic really wants sobriety back in his/hers life than they will do whatever it takes to make it happen and getting sober and staying sober for the rest of their lives. 

Positive attitudes help so much in your quest to become clean and sober and without positivity in your life you are going to struggle trying to stay sober.  We must learn that anything good in life takes hard work and strong determination in order to accomplish your dream or goal.


  • I realized finally after many years of drinking alcohol that I did have a problem and I wanted to do something about and to get out of the denial I lived in for so long.
  • I knew I had to make a promise to myself that I would never be able to drink another alcoholic drink for the rest of my life, and I was just fine with that, because that is how bad I wanted to be clean and sober.
  • I knew in my heart that I was making the best decision of my life becoming clean and sober, not only for myself, but my loving family as well.
  • I started getting excited about my new life ahead of me and excited to start counting each and everyday I was remained sober.
  • I knew in the beginning it would be tough, and it was for sure, but I stuck to my guns and the promise to myself that I was going to get sober and stay sober.  I would not break a promise to myself nor let myself down.  I knew life would be better sober and I was about to fine out my own way, and that's exactly what I did.
  • I changed my attitude, which I would say was pretty negative most of the time because I was just sick of the same old routine of drinking alcohol everyday of my life and I knew I was the only one that could change this negative attitude to a Positive one once and for all.
  • I realized that great things in life just don't fall into your lap, you MUST go after them and stick to it until you have achieved what you have set out to do.

There were many road blocks and obstacles in my life since I decided to become clean and sober in 2009 and I never let one of them stand in my way of achieving my dream to be sober and believe me, if I didn't have the courage, willingness and the strength to stand up to my alcohol addiction I would have gone right back to drinking alcohol and then had to start from day one of my sobriety. I knew I couldn't let that happen because I had worked too hard to get to where I was in my sobriety to ruin it by something that could be fixed or solved without drinking alcohol.

If you truly want to be clean and sober and you have made up your mind to surrender to your addiction then set that date and use it as a reminder each and every time it comes around each month that you had made it one more month sober and before you know it you will be counting that date by the month and years. It is truly a beautiful feeling to see each month pass by and you remained sober throughout that month. I was, and still am, so excited as the number 27th day of each month comes and I smile from ear to ear with happiness that I made it one more month.

You really will get into this sobriety thing that so many alcoholics frown upon, like myself back two years ago, and now look at me writing to hopefully help others achieve what I have achieved and that is to be clean and sober and to live a life of sobriety forever.

God Bless All that may have any kind of addiction. Trust in yourself and love yourself and your family enough to make that change in your life and believe me when I say, " YOU WILL NEVER BE SORRY YOU DID."




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