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How To Use EFT In Public

Updated on May 11, 2015
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When Rachael isn't in her studio dyeing yarn (her real job), she's called to her passion for writing, and so here she is : )

EFT is such a powerful and practical tool.

It is amazing how many different physical and mental issues it can help with. And once you start using EFT, and discover what it can do for you, you will want to use it as often as you need to for whatever challenge you are facing at the time.

But what happens when you need to tap on an issue when you are out in public?

While many concerns will be addressed, or present themselves at a time when you can safely tap on them in the comfort of your home or with an EFT practitioner there will come a time when you have to confront these fears head on and may need to draw on the calm you tapping provides, while in the company of others.

Common issues that can rise up while in the company of others include:

• Fear of public speaking

• Social anxiety

• Dental or medical phobias

• Fear of animals

You may have tapped successfully to reduce the emotions that come up when thinking about putting yourself into the situation you struggle with, but when the reality occurs and it's time to front up, old beliefs, blocks and emotions can kick in again.

The problem is, as much as you know tapping would help you cope, you feel embarrassed about tapping in public, not wanting others to see you doing this ‘strange’ thing and then having to explain what it is and why you are doing it.

So how can you tap in public, in a way that won’t be noticed?

What Issue, That You Have To Face Publicly, Could EFT Help You With?

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Tap Before You Leave

You may have been tapping for weeks or days about a particular issue but still feel unsure how calm you will be in the moment.

A great idea is to give yourself a ‘boost’ before you leave to go into the situation that concerns you.

Before you go out the door, check where you are on the SUD Scale and tap for 5 minutes on the strongest feelings around what you are about to do, until you notice yourself feeling more safe, relaxed and prepared.

Tap As You Travel

As you are traveling to the place where you are going to be face to face with your fear, tap as much as you can.

I personally use this tip a lot, tapping as I’m driving to a public speaking event or to the Dentist (which I am definitely not a fan of).

If you get to a busy intersection and need to pull up beside other traffic, stop tapping and wait until you are all moving again when everyone is paying attention to the road ahead and (hopefully) not the person in the car next to them.

Take A Moment

If you are at an event or a gathering that raises your stress levels, simply excuse yourself and go to a quiet spot where you can tap undisturbed.

The bathroom, a hallway, outdoor area or an un-used room will give you the peace and privacy you need to tap for a few minutes to bring your stress levels back down.

Most people won’t notice you missing for the 5 short minutes it can take to completely change your state with EFT.

Silent Tapping

If you are in a room where everyone is silent, or movement would be disruptive, you can still use EFT to feel calm.

Silent tapping is the process of imagining yourself tapping around the meridian points of your body, instead of physically doing it.

To silent tap, visualize tapping a usual round, while saying your tapping phrases in your mind.

This technique is wonderful as you can do as many rounds as you need to, with as many different aspects and no one will notice a thing.

Just make sure you are paying attention to the other people in the room when you need to be : )

Rub It Out

While tapping the meridian points around your body might draw a bit of attention, rubbing the same spots would not seem so out of the ordinary. Many of us will rub a tender spot or a muscle if it gives us discomfort with hardly a thought and rubbing a meridian point is just as innocuous.

Rubbing the tapping points can certainly provide a level of relief that will help you to manage your state when needed.

When I first started working with EFT I was interested to discover that my Mother had unknowingly been using this method for years. She would often rub on the ‘sore spot’ (or collarbone) tapping point in times of stress or upset. I went on to do the same, having obviously mirrored this habit of my Mothers, and also found it calmed me down. Now I understand why.

Finger Tapping

Finger tapping is simply tapping the meridian points on the ends of your fingers.

You can do this either against a firm surface like a desk or table, or use your thumb to tap the points.

As well as the finger points, you might also find it possible to gently tap the Karate Chop point against the side of you seat or something similar as you sit, without anyone noticing.

As you can see, there are many ways to use EFT when in public, so you don’t ever need to be without this fabulous, simple and effective tool. Just get a little creative and do what you need to for the your personal wellbeing.


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