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How to Train Your Brain for Successful Living and Survival Skills?

Updated on October 25, 2010
The Future Is In Our Brains
The Future Is In Our Brains

Taking Control Of Your Mind to Fix Your Brain

A Key To Success and Survival, Past and Future?

Our brain is the master key to our life, and as long as we are in a body, there is nothing more essential for our survival and successful living, however you may define that. Neuroscience is awed by the newly-found flexibility of the brain and its amazing agility in making up for neuron deficits; but, there is much more to this ability than that. Our brain is a “shape changer” under our command, with the ability to make us what we need it to be. But, everyday our brains are in greater peril as is our world, and no one is connecting those dots. How we care for our brain and how we use it will, as it always has, determine our survival. Only now, the time has come for humans to take charge of their own evolving by consciously shaping their own brains.

The care and feeding of our brain is the first step in protecting and using it. I'm not going to spend a whole lot of time on what is obvious, except to say that our brains are very sensitive to physical and emotional toxins and are under attack by them every minute; so, garbage in equals not only cell destruction but the interference with cell plasticity.

I personally don't accept the notion that we have a finite number of brain cells, even though they number in the billions, and that brain cells cannot regenerate nor replicate. The current concept of neuroplasticity limits this activity to changing the specific function of a cell which, to me, is even more monumental than regenerating and creating new ones. Whatever is happening, our brains are no longer the static organs they were once thought to be.

Comfort Zones Of Extinction

The stimulus that triggers brain cells to change function, regenerate or multiply is an overwhelming specific or generalized need, and that kind of a need has always been the stimulus for an evolutionary leap. If an organism continues on its merry way in the same old way, there's no need for it to change and so no need for its brain to alter itself to support the ability to do something different or differently. That's why “comfort zones” can be deadly in our new and deadly game of global chaos. A definition of “plastic” is “capable of adapting to varying conditions.” There is nothing more varying than the conditions of our world right now and for the foreseeable future. For us to survive and thrive, our brain must be extremely quick and pliable, and it can be if we know how to guide it in the right directions. Who are "we" that guides? Certainly, we are not our brain.

The second article in this series will focus on how our brain has already been evolving without our conscious awareness to meet our current needs, and how we can tap in on its new abilities right now. The third article will provide ways that we can actually stimulate the brain to change in a way that supports life choices and needs. In other words, how can we evolve consciously to meet our requirements for surviving and thriving in the future? There no reason to survive unless we thrive, and we can't do that with an old, out-of-date brain that's like the brain of a creature on its way to extinction.

©sgscalese, 2010


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    • mikiy profile image

      mikiy 7 years ago

      I would have liked it more if you hadn't used some biological lingo. Anyways it's interesting. Thank you.