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How to Achieve Your Dreams?A Writer’s Guide to Success - Part 2

Updated on August 21, 2020
Arnaba Saha profile image

Arnaba is a self- motivated person who likes to seek, find and share various ways to stay motivated, optimistic, and pragmatic.


Do you know why many people fail to turn their dreams into a reality?

No, I am not talking about not giving in enough effort and time. No, I am not talking about not giving their best shot at it. No, I am not talking about not having the stamina to surpass obstacles.

I am talking about not believing enough in your dreams at all. I am talking about repeating the steps of successful people in the lure of becoming successful without pondering upon innovation and uniqueness.

Some people are fond of templates. Templates for essay writing, personal finance, resume, health tracker, and various others. They are so dependent on templates that they try to find a template for life as well.

Are you among them? Do you think, following a pattern copied from others will help you achieve success? Is this how you intend to achieve your dreams?

Remember, there’s no template for life. Because every individual is different, every brain, mind, and soul is different. Every dream is different. Hence, the path to achieving these dreams also has to be different.

Now, let's see how to pave your unique way to your dreams and success:

1. Do it Your Way

Finding inspiration to get started is good but copying others’ steps is stupidity. Everyone has a different life. Copying others might bring you immediate success or a just a kick start but what next? Every individual is different and unique in their own ways. Your goals might be similar but what about your personalities, values, thought processes, perspective, opinions, hobbies, passions, understandings, and experiences.

Even if your dreams match, your values and definition of success might differ.

Remember, always focus on what you are giving. Whether or not you are adding value to your and other lives. Successful people get inspired by others and then try to leave their individual marks on their following journey. And that's what makes them successful in the first place.

There is no fun in walking the same trails everyone has explored. Find a new trail and leave your mark.

Try to find a better way to do things. That’s another key to success. Repeating what's already done is being a copy cat. No one likes a copy cat.

For example, numerous writers have written space fiction and achieved success? So what? What makes you think that you will achieve similar success if you follow their path? By re-writing their stories? Or by writing something new? Something that the world has never seen or heard of.

It's your dream and you have to pave the way to your dreams. Following other people's footsteps will lead you to their dreams, not yours. Even if your dreams are similar, find a way to make your dream unique and special.

The trick here is to create a vision, follow it and you will make your dream a reality.

2. Aim High

There’s a saying, “shoot for the moon, even if you miss it, you will end up landing on the stars”. So, aim high.

Remember life is like a ladder. And you are supposed to move upwards. You just can't decide to stay on a rung forever, it will break. Because it was never meant to support you forever. It was designed to support you until you reach the next step.

Every rung is a mini-milestone. A mini-goal.

Research, organizing your information, chalking out the index, chapter segregation, finish writing each chapter: all of these are mini-goals in your endeavor to achieve your main goal.

So, keep moving, keep striving to reach your goals.

In your pursuit of dreams and goals, don’t try to settle for the second-best because it will always remain the second-best. In fact, the moment you think you are fine with the second-best, you will eventually become the second- best. Because unintentionally you aimed to become the second-best.

Try to beat yourself in the game and become the best. Try to break the boundaries and become the better… no… the best version of you.

Write your book with the aim to make it a best- seller and don’t think otherwise.

Always remember, the most dangerous thing in life is not to aim too high and to miss but it is to aim low and achieve it.

3. You Can

Sometimes the only thing that matters in life is belief. Belief in yourself. A belief that you can do it. A belief that you have the power to achieve your goals.

Ask yourself, if you are not ready to believe in yourself why would anybody else in the world believe in you?

Try to overcome the self-made barrier of self-doubt. Overcome your limitation with the strength of your belief. In contrary to the physical barriers (which are easy to see, touch, or understand), mental barriers are the toughest to deal with. Because mental barriers are buried deep within your mind and soul. It is only you who can feel it, understand it, and overcome it. Try to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Try to see the hidden potential in you.

Never underestimate your potentials. The potential to strive hard enough to make your dreams a living reality.

Never in your journey of writing doubt your ability to write a best seller book on e.g. space technology. Many people have already done that and if others can do it then you can do it too.

Don’t underestimate your potential based on the failures who couldn’t do it. Because, after seeing them fail you know what not to do to succeed.

Believe in yourself and your journey will become easier.


Having faith in your own dreams and decisions is crucial for success.

Never underestimate your ability or potential. Always be positive about your journey. Don’t be blinded by other people’s negative opinions about you. Rather work hard to prove them wrong.

Don’t let self-doubt settle in your mind rather break free all the shackles of mental barriers and push yourself to success.

Your belief in yourself is the greatest strength and motivation you can rely on at your lowest point.

So, have you started working on your dreams, or are you still in doubt?

Let me know in the comment section below. You can share your views, dreams, and/or doubts as well.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Arnaba Saha


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