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How to Administer Nasonex Nasal Spray

Updated on April 22, 2016

The Correct Way To Use Nasal Spray

Nasal Spray


Information About Nasonex

Nasonex, also known as Nasacort, is a steroidal, anti-allergy nasal spray used to help reduce swelling in the nasal passage when you or others come in contact with an allergen, like grass, weed, trees, mold, dust, cats, dogs, feathers, etc.

Nasonex needs to be used daily to get the best results. You will not see improvement until after you have used Nasonex for two weeks.

People who have chronic sinus issues like sinusitis find relief from their daily allergy symptoms when using Nasonex regularly.

If you have frequent sinus infections, Nasonex will help to lessen the amount of sinus infections you get since it relieves swelling in your nasal passage, which in turn helps your sinuses to drain instead of trapping mucous in your sinuses which creates bacteria and then sinus infections.

To get Nasonex, you will need a prescription from your Doctor. The generic form of Nasonex is Nasacort. It works exactly the same as Nasonex, but is much cheaper and available over the counter.


Do You Suffer From Sinusitis?

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Shake The Bottle Well

You will need to shake the bottle well to mix the medicine.

If it sits too long, the bottom of the bottle could be more concentrated than the Nasonex at the top of the bottle creating an uneven dispersion of medicine over time.

Hold Other Nostril Down

Hold your other nostril down with your finger to create a vacuum. This will help you to make sure the spray that you are spraying into your nasal cavity is going where it needs to.

Insert Nasonex Bottle Tip Into Nostril

Insert the Nasonex sprayer partially into your nostril.

The spout should not be under your nose when you spray or you will lose most of the medicine on the outside and underside of your nose.

Do not insert the Nasonex sprayer too far up your nostril or you could cut the inside of your nose.

If the Nasonex spray is too far up your nose, it could also cause problems with angling the bottle correctly.

Put The Nasonex Bottle On An Angle

To properly spray your sinuses, once you have inserted the tip of the sprayer into the nostril, point the sprayer outwards towards the outer corner of your eye.

This enables the Nasonex spray to reach the far corners of your sinuses where they are most needed.

Also, if you spray upwards instead of outwards, you could damage the wall between your nostrils and cause bleeding.

Some Doctors have found that if a person sprays upward only over an extended period of time, it could cause a hole in the wall between the nostrils.

Breathe In Gently Through Your Nose


Breath In!

Once you have sprayed the Nasonex into your sinus cavity, take the sprayer out of your nostril and breath in through your nose.

It doesn't have to be a huge breath because the medicine may go down your throat.

If it is too small of a breath in, you may drip right back out of your nose within the next few minutes.

You need to breath in through your nostrils like you are smelling a flower. This will help coat your sinuses properly.

Nasonex May Also Help With Ear Congestion!

Since the ear, nose and throat are connected, sinus swelling can cause inner ear issues. Nasonex can help with this too if taken properly.

Take the Nasonex as described above. Once the Nasonex is in your sinuses, close your mouth and plug your nose. Gently blow out.

This will force the Nasonex to go near your inner ear canal and help bring swelling down in that area!

Clean Your Nasonex Sprayer

Since the spout of the Nasonex bottle was just up your nose, it is a good idea to clean it off by either wiping it with a tissue or holding the sprayer under water for a few seconds.

After the sprayer is clean and dry, put the lid on until the next time you use it!


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