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How to Build Confidence with Your Voice and Body Language

Updated on April 19, 2013

Body language is basically a form of nonverbal communication that involves the use of our body signals and postures that acts as an indication to other people instinctively to send and receive nonverbal signals. So did you ever consider what signals your body gives out? Is your body sending out signals that you are confident, certain of yourself and do not need anyone’s corroboration? Equally, is it giving out signals that you are not confident, uncertain of yourself and always seeking consent of others. Non verbal communication is very important, because people usually tend to draw judgment of you before you are given the chance to speak.

One can usually identify a confident person just by their body language. You can easily determine if a person is confident simply by their body postures. Posture is a good gesture to find out a person’s self confidence level. For instance: you can make out that a person is confident if they walk with their chin up with their shoulders back. You may even receive a nod from them or a casual smile. This shows their confidence level. If you see a person walking with their chin down with their shoulders drooping down, you can be sure that it is an indication of low self-confidence. So, the next time you interact with other people, make sure of what vibes you are giving out with your body. Knowing what signs your body is indicating is very important, especially when you are going for an interview.

Here are some tips to help build confidence with your voice and body language

Projecting poise with your body

Remember, confidence is all about your state of mind and our emotions are usually generated in the body. So, you need to use your body to project confidence.

What you first need to do is stand tall. When your head is down with your shoulders drooping down, it indicates you are shy and nervous.

If you want to look confident, maintain a good body posture by lifting your chin up with your shoulders back. Making eye contact with people and even better, giving a smile, indicates that you are confident. If you happen to shake hands with people, make sure you give a firm handshake.

In order to think confidently you need to act confidently. Using your body in a confident way can impact a lot on how you think. It also makes you a more approachable person, which could help with attracting the opposite sex.

Projecting poise with your voice

Also, the tone of our voice indicates our confidence. When you speak, make sure that you speak with certainty. Our verbal communication can indicate if we are nervous or confident. We can make out if a person really appears to know what they are talking about is right or wrong, with the tone they speak. The eloquence of their verbal communication can help us determine if they really sound good. So, what really counts here are your voice tone, pitch, speed and volume. Try to get hold of it and know how to use it if you want to create an impression.

So, while speaking, you need to speak in a confident way. You may want to use words that radiate confidence. You should sound certain if you want to sound certain. This works as simple as that. Avoid using timid words such as “if’s”, “buts’” etc. and replace it more definite words.

More tips!

There are many ways to increase your self-confidence. I hope this helped you out with increasing it trough your body and voice. If it isn't clear yet how important it is to increase it, then read my article called "Self-confidence, what is it?". It explains what self- confidence is, but also why it is so important and how important the balance in self-confidence is.

You can read this article free of charge. Your comments on the other hand are worth gold!


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    • profile image

      Mark Stevens 3 years ago

      A good body language really helps you to improve your self confidence. Voice quality can be a factor but not the major one. There are a lots of things which we can include.