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How to Change An Attitude or Perspective

Updated on February 10, 2010

About attitudes or as I prefer to say - perspectives?

How many times each day do each of us hear or say that someone needs an "attitude adjustment" or something similar? An attitude is really a physical display of a perspective. The real issue is the perspective and by changing the perspective the attitude is automatically "adjusted".

How full is it?

 glass with some water
glass with some water

Half empty or half full? What determines our Perspective

What determines how we see things? How much is enough or too much? Is there a real factor that determines these things? Is it taught, in our DNA and can it really be identified or changed? This is all truly a perspective. How we view the glass determines the way we act as well as what emotions we experience and how we express them.

Typical attempts to retrain attitudes or perspectives

Usual reactions to an attitude we perceive needing changed is to send our kids to "time out", send employees home or just fire them and be done with it. We lecture, counsel, instruct and sometimes yell and scream. Threaten with punishment or bribe with reward and many other practices and techniques. All to no avail, these methods at best create temporary false results, the behavior may adapt, but the attitude remains the same. We blame ourselves, we blame others we try to do it better next time, we try to learn more.

Eye Patch

An eye patch
An eye patch

Eye patching - What it is

Now you can heave a sigh of relief.....Whew!!! It is not taught, it is not in your DNA and it can be changed. It is literally based on how we see things. The left side of the brain is in charge of logic based thinking and perspectives and operates the right side of the body, what we see through our right eye is logic based. The right side of the brain is in charge of creative thinking and perspectives and operates the left side of the body, what our left side sees is the creative options.

A perspective is how we see things. Eye patching is a wonderful technique to shift our view of the world to change our perspective and thereby altering our attitude, what emotions we experience and how we express them.

Eye Patching - How To Use It

Eye patching is a very simple technique and once you get used to it you will wonder how you ever functioned without it. Place it over either eye while still doing other functions (of course this does not include while operating machinery, using knives, driving to work etc.). Leave it on each eye no longer than 20 minutes at a time. If at any time discomfort of any type is experienced, remove the eye patch.

Eye patching can be used at the moment a situation exists to change the immediate perspective or used as a routine therapy to create a balanced perspective. If it is placed over one eye and the feelings worsen, switch immediately to the other eye. If improvement is found after only patching one eye you are finished with that perspective adjustment.

In the case of smaller toddlers 2 yrs and up I recommend using your hand to cover an eye while holding the toddler in a safe position with the other hand wrapped around their body and holding them close to you. Explain to them that you are "fixing their eye" or that you are helping them to feel better. Toddlers and younger children respond very quickly and can have a new perspective in 30 seconds or a couple of minutes. In the case of temper tantrums and similar situations it is almost always the right eye that needs to be patched. Always talk to them and explain that you are helping them so that eye patching is not scary or punishment, holding them close to you helps to ensure they can become comfortable with the experience.

What Situations Is Eye Patching Good For?

Any situation or circumstance can be altered with eye patching.  How we perceive our health, or a specific health condition; how we perceive, our finances; our spouses; our children; our jobs.

Everything has a diferent angle it can be looked at from, eye patching can be used to shift your perspective of your self esteem, to view yourself and how you fit into the world around you differently.

Experiment with it and see everything around you from a different perspective.

Is Eye Patching For You?

Are you ready to change perspectives with eye patching?

See results

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