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How to Channel Your Inner Champion

Updated on August 27, 2019
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Dylan is a freelance writer specializing in self-development, cryptocurrency, and business who loves producing helpful content.


Before you get spooked by the title, this article is not going to be related to spiritual channeling or possession or anything of the sort (although, yes, that would certainly make for an interesting article). The type of channeling that I want to discuss with you is in regards to channeling the energy or essence of another person when you feel as though you are not enough. Learning how to channel your inner champion can help you mentally overcome many obstacles that you would otherwise find daunting or too challenging and serve as a placeholder until you have enough confidence in yourself. If you back down from situations frequently because of who you are, let’s take a look at how you can learn to become someone else in the moment.

What Is Channeling?

Google the word channeling and you are going to have a host of resources telling you how to connect to the spiritual. Personally, I believe that channeling isn’t only reserved to the spiritual but to the mental as well. Think of channeling as a form of acting. Your goal is to become someone else as a means to achieve the thing that you are trying to accomplish. Rather than trying to do something as yourself (especially if you are struggling with confidence), you pretend to be someone else and embody that belief and form of being wholly and entirely.

What Does Channeling Accomplish?

Have you ever looked up to someone? Have you ever valued someone else’s accomplishments and abilities? The truth is that we are capable of anything we put our mind to but that doesn’t mean that there are limits in our own abilities and beliefs that may hold us back from doing things. Let’s imagine that I am going on stage to perform for the first time. I am most likely racked with nervousness and doubting myself in the moment.

Rather than freaking out, however, I could instead choose to channel my inner Adele. True, I will never be Adele or be able to do what Adele does. However, when I channel this energy and this belief that I have presence, a great energy, and carry myself as she does, I have an instant mental boost that makes it easier to approach my challenge. Channeling is about manifesting that inner power by taking on someone that you believe to be powerful. When you see that you are able to do those things as yourself, you build confidence and start to see yourself as a powerful being.

Mindset is the key to manifesting everything that you want out of your life and this is why channeling can be an effective strategy for overcoming your issues.

How Do I Channel Someone?

Acting or channeling isn’t something that comes easy to everyone. After all, not everyone is connected with a playful imagination or knows how to visualize things. Here is a simple guide that will help you to channel others when you feel self-doubt:

1. Get a Clear Picture of Who They Are and How It Would Feel to Be Them

Everyone has their own energy that makes them unique. With individuals who are good at what they do and consistently crush their goals, there is this presence and this power that you can sense within them and around them. Who are you trying to channel? What would it feel like to be this person? What would it feel like to do what they do? How do they act? Talk? Carry themselves? Successful channeling comes with getting a clear picture of the individual you are trying to channel. Reflect on who they are and make sure you can feel all aspects of that.

Keep in mind that while this isn’t the spiritual definition of channeling, you could add a spiritual aspect to the exercise. For example, you could choose to focus on the energy of a certain god or goddess it helps you. You may even choose to use a fictional character as well. Regardless of who it is, make sure you believe in their power and their ability to help you with whatever it is you require help for.

2. Embody Them

The next step involves taking that being into yourself. Imagine your body being filled up with that person and then slowly becoming them. You could also visualize that they are more like a suit of armor and that you are wearing that armor to help protect you and amplify your abilities. No matter what type of visualization exercise you choose to use here, the key is to believe that you are them and to feel that energy emanating from within you. Harnessing that power is the goal of this exercise as it is that power that will give you the confidence and belief needed to carry you to your goal.

3. Hold Onto That Image and Follow Through

Whatever the reason you called upon this image, you must now hold onto that energy and form as you go through the motions. Remember, it is not you doing this. It is the person that you are embodying who is carrying you through the process. Their confidence and abilities are being channeled through you so that you can reach success. Doing so is going to take an unwavering belief, strong focus, and confidence in yourself and that person. However, when done successfully, you can see what you are truly able to accomplish in your life.

Building confidence in yourself is the ultimate goal but you may sometimes need a crutch to support you as you discover yourself and your power. Channeling is one great way to improve your own self-image and help you work through the things that scare or intimidate you. Once you come to the conclusion that greatness is within you, you can finally break free of your fears and accomplish what you want in life.

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