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Autism and Coping With Those Who Have It

Updated on October 22, 2017

When a couple first discover that their child is Autistic, there are mixed feelings from each of them. As a parent, you want what's best for a child. For their health and for their lives. All of that suddenly changes when you discover and realize that whatever plans you have for a child suddenly comes to a halt on the simple fact that they have a certain disability. It's hard because it's not the same as raising a child that has normal abilities. For some, they go into a deep depression while others learn to cope with the disability.

So what is exactly autism? Autism is a developmental disorder that impairs social interaction. For a child who is suffering from Autism, the one thing you need to have is patience. You have to do a lot of researching. If a doctor or physician comes to you and tells you that your child has just that, immediately do research about Autism. Don't go off the handle and think that it's the end of the world. Remember, regardless of the condition, that's your child and he or she needs you more than ever. Check on sites such as WebMD or Wikipedia. Try to learn as much as possible about it. Read from other people's experience with their child who suffers from the same. You can even ask questions from others so they could answer you to ease what you are going through because you are not alone.

The problem with some parents is that they tend to be in denial and when they do find out (or if they want to), then they have to live in regret. Wishing that they could have done something in the beginning. Some may take the doctors diagnose or some might get offended and move on. There are those who can tell the difference on their own, then go to the doctor later. Others might just not see it at all because they don't see the signs of autism. Then there are those who do find out that they would keep the child out of the public eye, like autism is some type of disease. Your child is your blood and you should never turn away from them no matter what.

What some people don't know is that some children with autism (depending on what type they have. High or Low Spectrum) can grow out of it. There are plenty of those that grew up with being Autism and was able to graduate and go to college like the rest of everyone and still manages to have a stable lifestyle. I even read in a magazine about an 18-year old rapper name '50 Tyson' who was diagnosed with Autism as a child. Growing up, he has used music as his way to cope with his disorder. So hearing about stories like his should not let you give up on raising your child normal. It just takes a little more help than the normal. But with the right help, he or she can grow up to be whoever they want. But all of that starts with the parents.

If you want to better understand besides checking up on WebMD or Wikipedia, one book I would highly suggest is 'Healing and Preventing Autism - A Complete Guide'. Written by actress/model/author Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Jerry Kartzinel. This is a not missed book for families who have a child (or children) who suffer for this disorder In the book, they explain how one of the causes of autism can be from the vaccination shot that a child receives.

One little advice, whether you have an autistic child (or autistic children), treat them the same as you do to the others. Make them feel like they are part of the family whether they know or not. You would see the difference with the love that you bring upon them. You'd be surprised as to how much they know about things going around them. When watching them, it's a beautiful thing knowing that they are happy. It makes the parents and the family around them happy as well.


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      barbara dudley 6 years ago

      that was great feedback awesome article...keep up the great work...