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How to Cure Abscesses and Boils Using Natural Herbs

Updated on June 6, 2012

How to Cure Abscesses and Boils Using Natural Herbs?

An abscess is the core of a secretion concentrated within a tissue. A boil on the other hand is a furuncle. Both boils and abscesses are typified by soreness, heat and bulge. Abscess can emanate from untreated or infected wounds.

Note:  Words under the quotation marks (“ ”) are Filipino words or terms.

Here are effective ways to treat abscesses and boils with natural remedies:

Water Treatments

1. Apply hot compress for at least 30 minutes, twice a day until the abscess or boil become fully developed.

2. Apply hot sitz bath for at least 30 minutes, twice a day if abscess or boil is present in the rectal or perineal area.

Herbal Treatments or Medications

Malabar Night Shade or “Alugbati” leaves poultice

Procedure: Crush two (2) leaves of “alugbati” and spread over as a poultice two (2) times a day.

Marigold or “Amarillo”

Procedure: Crush three (3) leaves and two (2) flowers of “amarillo” and spread over as a poultice two (2) times a day.

Hibiscus, China Rose or “Gumamela” leaves and flowers poultice

Procedure: Chop five (5) leaves of Hibiscus, and then rub on directly on an abscess or to the boil two (2) times a day.

Jackfruit or “Langka” (Juice or Sap Compress)

I never thought that the jackfruit has its own share of herbal medicinal.

Procedure: Extract juice or the milky juice from the jackfruit tree trunk (or sap compress) and then combine with few drops of vinegar. Heat the mixture and utilize it as a hot compress. Use small pieces of clean cloth or gauze as compress. Apply the compress to the affected area for at least 20 minutes, two (2) times a day.

Elumea, Ngaicamphor or “Sambong”

Procedure: Chop five (5) Elumea leaves then rub on as a poultice to the abscess or boil two(2) times a day.

Charcoal poultice

Procedure: Chop or powder charcoal then place it on a small saucer. Pour a little amount of water then wrap in a handkerchief or a clean cloth. Apply directly as a poultice two (2) times a day.

The scientific names of the medicinal plants featured in this article:

Malabar Night Shade – Basella rubra Linn

Marigold – Tagestes Erecta Linn

Hibiscus or China Rose – Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Linn

Jackfruit – Artocarpus heterophylla Lmk

Parting Words

The medicinal herbs used here are common in tropical countries like the Philippines. The Malabar Night Shade is even used as an ingredient in cooking vegetable viands. The marigold and hibiscus are often seen in the gardens here. It is indeed amazing to know that these plants along with the jackfruit are effective in treating abscess and boil.

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