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How to Cure a Strep Throat - Tips & Tricks

Updated on December 27, 2012

Winter months offer the best opportunity to learn how to cure a strep throat. Most cases of this contagious disease, caused by the streptococcus bacteria, will occur during the traditional school year. Children between the ages of 5 and 15 years of age are the most common sufferers of a disease. Less than half of all sore throat are diagnosed as strep disease. Adult's contact is much less often, less than ten percent will be badly diagnosed. Viral sore illness will run a predictable course and clear up in a few days. Diagnosis of the symptoms of strep throat and proper treatment is essential to prevent complications that can develop.

Symptoms of Strep Throat

Following exposure to the streptococcus bacteria, the symptoms will begin to appear. The incubation period for the infection is approximately one to four days. Medical professionals know that the best way to diagnose mentioned disease is to conduct a laboratory test. The neck is swabbed, and the saliva is placed in a Petri dish. Presence of the bacteria indicates an infection.

The symptoms of strep throat and viral sore disease overlap. There are certain symptoms manifested by the patient that are clear indicators of the infection.

• Fever

Sore throat

• Tender, swollen lymph nodes, which is called cervical lymphadenopathy.

• Yellow or white patches on the tonsils, which is called tonsillar exudates.


Other symptoms can be present in the person suffering from a infection.

• Headache

• Lower abdominal pain

• Vomiting or nausea

• General physical discomfort, such as feeling uneasy or ill

• Decrease in normal appetite

• Small red spots on the soft palate

• Skin rash, which can indicate scarlet fever.


Children contract with infection from exposure at school in most cases. Other children in the home can be exposed and develop the disease through contact with siblings. There are special considerations for other people in the home.

Older children and teens – This age group suffers the worst symptoms. High fever can be the primary symptom in an older child. Most children wait too long to mention the discomfort.

Infants – A fussy baby who refuses to eat can be showing signs for infection illness. Nasal discharge and a low-grade fever might be early signs of infection.


Home Remedy for Strep Throat

Careful monitoring of the situation is the best way to know if the case requires a professional medical remedy for strep throat. Most infections can be addressed through pain medications and sufficient rest. These recommendations will ensure that illness is monitored and treated with success.


• Increase fluid consumption – The patient will know if hot or cold drinks provide the most relief to the sore throat. This remedy cannot be overstated. A fever causes the body to lose fluids rapidly. Replacing the fluid with soup broth, juices, tea, Popsicles and ice cream is necessary to allow the body to heal. Dehydration can develop in a young child within 24 hours. Extremely long periods of sleep should be interrupted to administer a few ounces of juice.

• Gargling salt water – A warm solution made with one or two teaspoons of table salt in eight ounces of warm water can provide relief.

• Use lozenges – Relief for the soreness can be achieved with flavored lozenges. Menthol and other cold-related additives are unnecessary since a sore throat is the primary symptom. This remedy for strep throat is not recommended for children under four years of age because of the choking risk. Sugar-free lozenges offer relief without concern for the teeth.

• Take pain medications – Non-aspirin pain relievers, such as ibuprophen or acetaminophen, are helpful for the various types of pain. Follow the printed instructions carefully to avoid overuse.

Important is getting enough sleep.
Important is getting enough sleep. | Source

• Sleep more – Additional sleep is an essential part of the home remedy for strep throat. Lying on the couch is different from sleeping for two or three hours during the day. The recovery period will be significantly shorter with more sleep each day.

• Drink herbal tea – Various herbs, such as licorice, offer natural pain relief for the illness. Flavor is important to encourage the patient to drink tea throughout each day. Sweeten the tea lightly to enhance the herbal flavors.


Seek Medical Care When Appropriate

Learning how to cure a strep throat must include the knowledge of when to seek help from a physician. A doctor can provide a definite diagnosis for this infection. The presence of a fever and sore disease at the same time indicates the need for medical care. After three or four days of home treatment, the patient should improve measurably. Lack of improvement in the symptoms indicates the need to see the doctor.

Following diagnosis, the appearance of certain other symptoms of strep throat indicates need for additional medical care, immediately. Instead of waiting fa doctor's appointment, visit the emergency room, or clinic.


• Labored breathing

• Inability to swallow food

• Difficulty in opening the mouth

• Drooling because saliva cannot be swallowed

• Wheezing that is audible when breathing

• Appears to be bleeding

• Redness or swelling in the neck

Other conditions can develop along with progression of the disease. These symptoms can indicate conditions that have surfaced including epiglottitis, tetanus or esophageal strictures. The best choice is to seek medical care before the airways become blocked.



Most cases of the disease will follow a predictable path toward healing. Complications can occur in some cases, which is why most people want to learn how to cure a strep throat. Identifying abnormal cases is important because of the medical treatment that must be sought in such situations.

Acute rheumatic fever – This immune disorder develops when the antibodies in the bloodstream attach the skin, joints and heart. This condition was once very common in the United States, but use of antibiotics has made rheumatic fever rare. Symptoms of rheumatic fever can develop two to four weeks after exposure to the infection bacteria.

Abscesses form – The tonsils can develop abscesses while the body is fighting the infection. A physician can prescribe antibiotics and drain the pus from the area.

Toxic shock syndrome – Extreme cases of disease can cause build-up of toxins in the blood. Fever, rash and low blood pressure will accompany multi-organ failure in this extremely rare case.

Poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis – A doctor must diagnose this condition, which is assumed to be an immune-mediated condition. Certain Group a Streptococcus strains tend to be present whenever this medical condition develops. Children between 2 and 12 years of age develop this condition more often than others. Kidney damage can develop, which requires treatment.

Each of these severe medical conditions is avoidable with proper treatment of the initial infection. Careful observation of the patient is essential to avoid some of the most severe ailments that can result.


Washing hands.
Washing hands. | Source


Reducing the occurrence of the disease is the first step in learning how to cure. Some simple steps can prevent exposure to the bacteria in the first place.

• A vaccine for this disease is not available.

• Everyone in the family should wash his/her hands upon arrival at home from school or work. This prevents the spread of bacteria from external sources.

• A few drops of bleach in the dishwasher and sink of soapy water can kill bacteria quickly on utensils and dishes.

• Bathrooms require extra care during the disease season. Use disinfecting soaps and cleaners often.

• Avoid sharing drinks, dishes, handkerchiefs, napkins or towels. These objects should be washed often to reduce the risk of illness from many sources.

• Every member of the family must cover the mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. Germs in the air can cause illnesses very quickly.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. | Source

Successful Treatment

Each person will have unique symptoms after being exposed to bacteria strains. At the onset of symptoms, appropriate measures will speed recovery and prevent other people from contracting a infection. Medical attention should be sought if symptoms remain for more than three days, or the fever escalates.

Reducing the number of times the family encounters the illness in the season is essential. Healthy children are able to attend school and participate in fun activities. The entire family will benefit from careful avoidance of the bacteria that causes infection and you will know how to cure a strep throat.


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