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How to Cure a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Naturally

Updated on February 22, 2012

The Urinary Tract

An Amazing Drink that cured my Urinary Tract Infection

Not too long ago, I had a urinary tract infection for the first time in my life. I was well aware that there were antibiotics to take if I needed to, however I was not able to see a doctor for at least a few days because I was out of town. As a result I did some research to see if there were any natural remedies that would fight a urinary tract infection. Surely enough, I found a great drink that seemed to cure the symptoms of (UTI) within two days! I would highly recommend this to anyone that is suffering from the symptoms of a Urinary Tract Infection.

These are the Ingredients to a great drink that cures Urinary Tract Infections

  • Cranberry Juice
  • Garlic Oil
  • A little olive oil
  • Echinacea Tea - be sure to brew the Echinacea tea in hot water and add it to the mixture.
  • 1 Serving Nettle Tea Extract

I did my best to include cranberry juice and garlic in my diet as well because they both are very beneficial to your digestive system and urinary tract.

  • Garlic is great for your liver, and does a great job of helping your body detox the toxins that can build up over time. Garlic is also very beneficial to the kidneys because it helps your kidneys break down and flush toxins more efficiently.
  • Cranberry Juice helps to clean out the urinary tract and helps to maintain a healthy ph balance in the urinary tract. In order to prevent UTI, I would recommend drinking cranberry juice frequently, especially if you are recovering from a UTI.
  • Echinacea tea is extremely beneficial as it helps to boost your immunity and therefore it is great for fighting infections.

Also, please keep in mind that in many cases a bladder infection can only be cured using some antibiotics that are prescribed by your doctor. This drink is only being mentioned as an aid to other things that you should do, because this drink helps to support urinary tract health. However, it is always recommended to see your doctor as soon as possible if your suffering from a urinary tract infection. In serious cases when you neglect to treat a UTI, the infection can spread to your kidneys and that can be very dangerous.

Kidney and Urinary Tract Infection


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    • profile image

      Kyle B 5 years ago

      Due to a series of urinary infections, my MD recommended the Lady Soma Cranberry Concentrate Supplement. It was amazing. This product in particular has the highest concentration in the market. Maybe it is a coincidence, but problems have started to resolve themselves.

    • Entourage_007 profile image

      Stuart 5 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

      While I cannot give you professional medical advice, I can only state that the drink recipe was given to me and it worked for me. I only had it for 2 days, and I had the echinacea tea with the cranberry juice, nettles extract along with the minced garlic and garlic oil, and 1 tsp olive oil. It alleviated my symptoms after about 2 days... you will probably find that the drink is not easy to drink - but it definitely feels healthy and It helped heal the discomfort that I was experiencing in my bladder.

    • profile image

      jayson 5 years ago

      i just want to know how to make the juice i just mix it together?i read ur column n i want to make that juice.......actually i experience back pain n when i go toilet i fell painful n started to drink more water....den the next day i drink coffee n soft drink when i got home i feel much body pain many day should take the juice?im scarred to get sick......would u mind to email to me wat i will i will appreciate when i read ur answer...more power to u

    • profile image

      Martie B 6 years ago

      None of the store products work for me. If you're a lady, and you know the maddening pain, doctor visits, nasty antibiotic prescriptions, and repeat visits associated with recurrent UTI. Please note, I'm not a doctor, and UTI's have the potential to turn into serious bladder infections, and a bladder infection cannot be gotten rid of without some hardcore antibiotics.

      The Lady Soma Detox is the only detox product on the market that prevents my UTI's. I take as directed, and never have to experience a UTI as long as I drink a lot of water. You have to drink tons of water (and that alone is not what prevents the UTI, believe me). I don't know how it works, I just know it does. This is totally anectodal. Always see your doctor. Good luck!

    • profile image

      Carol 6 years ago

      Thanks for the insightful remedies. That cranberry juice drink sounds like it would have a very strong taste, but it also sounds like its really good for your bladder and kidneys. Great article

    • Entourage_007 profile image

      Stuart 6 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

      Yes I would definitely recommend using decaf green tea, caffeine tends to have a dehydrating effect on the body. Thanks for the comment

    • VeronicaFarkas profile image

      Veronica Roberts 6 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Very useful! I'd never thought of mixing garlic w/ cranberry juice. Did you use decaf tea? I've heard that caffeine can make a UTI worse?

      Anyway, thanks for sharing. I will have to try this in the future. (Hopefully I won't need to lol)