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How I Cure My Cold in One Day Using Natural Remedies

Updated on February 6, 2018
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Januaris is a writer with a great passion for the health niche. He loves to write about home and natural remedies for health conditions.

Before I discovered a natural treatment process that cured my common cold fast, I used to really suffer. I used to go through most of its symptoms, including sore throat and headache, for more than a week.

In brief, the common cold, or simply a cold, is a viral disease that affects the upper respiratory system, i.e., throat, nose, and sinuses. The infectious disease is usually mild, but its annoying symptoms can make you really sick.

A Cold Victim
A Cold Victim | Source

Common Cold Symptoms

The most common symptoms of a cold include:

  • Cough
  • Runny nose
  • Nasal congestion
  • Sore throat
  • Muscle aches
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever (in children)

The Prevalence of the Common Cold

According to WHO, millions of people across the world get the common cold every day, and at least a billion cases of the virus are reported in the U.S. every year. So it is quite a common disease! It has no cure, but I have come up with some natural methods that help heal my infection fast.

This article is about how I cure my cold fast without medicine. Read on to learn about the home remedies that I use to heal my cold naturally within one day.

My Method for Treating a Cold Fast, in Brief

  1. Using nasal decongestants.
  2. Tapping the healing power of steam.
  3. Using a saline solution.
  4. Drinking hot liquids.
  5. Using natural supplements.
  6. Drinking chicken soup.
  7. Using hot packs around my congested sinuses.

1. Nasal Decongestants

Nasal decongestants or sprays help clear my nostrils, giving me an immediate relief from a cold. There are two ways in which nasal sprays work. First, they loosen mucus in your nostrils, allowing you to blow it out with much ease. Second, they shrink the blood vessels in your nostrils, widening the air passages and letting you enjoy improved breathing.

Nasal decongestants are available in two forms (fluid and tablets), and you can buy them from your local drugstore.

A Nasal Spray
A Nasal Spray | Source

2. Steam for a Stuffy Nose

Like the nasal sprays, steam helps relieve the nasal passages and sinuses. It moisturizes dry nostrils and loosens mucus.

I get steam from a pot with boiling water, and to allow the steam get into my nostrils, I usually lower my head over the pot. You can also enjoy some steam from a hot shower or bath. Taking a hot shower, in addition, gives you great relaxation, significantly improving the healing process.

3. Saline Solution

According to my own experience, a saline solution thins out mucus, helping you decongest your nostrils. I usually make a saline solution by dissolving some salt in a cup of hot water. Sometimes, I get saline solids from a drugstore to use them in place of salt.

When it comes to applying the solution, I use a Neti pot to pour the solution into one nostril tilting my head to the other side to allow the solution come out through the other nostril. For the best results, I repeat the process 2 or 3 times.

4. Drinking Hot Liquids

Drinking hot liquids relieves sore throat and congested nasal passages, giving you some comfort and a feeling of wellness.

Other benefits that I get from hot liquids are hydration and warmness which kicks chills away. The best fluids for easing a cold are the ones that contain peppermint, chamomile, or lemon.

5. Natural Supplements

According to nutrition practitioners, the best supplements for fighting the common cold are the ones that contain ehinacea, zinc, elderberry, honey, and ginseng. I use supplements with these ingredients to shorten the duration of the illness to one day.

Echinacea and zinc prevent the spread of the virus within the body and work better when the supplement is taken at the onset of the infection. Ginseng and elderberry are herbal ingredients that boost the immune system. Honey is also an immune booster, but it has anti-viral properties and helps heal sore throat and fever.

The supplements are available either in tablet or syrup form and I recommend that you use them alongside hot water or beverage. You can also read the manufacturer's instructions to learn more about their usage.

6. Drinking Chicken Soup

Chicken soup prevents the production and movement of neutrophils which are white blood cells that worsen the symptoms of a cold.

I recommend that you take chicken soup when hot to help with your congested nasal passages. If you have low appetite, you can also go for this soup which is delicious and easy to drink.

7. Hot Packs Around My Sinuses

Hot packs relieve congested nasal airways and loosen mucus, making it easier for you to clear your nostrils. They also give you some warmth, improving your wellness.

I buy hot packs from my local pharmacy, but most of the time, I make them using warm water and polythene bags. When it comes to using them, you just need to place them on your face and around the nose.

A Hot Pack
A Hot Pack | Source

Bonus Tips to Heal From the Common Cold

  • Taking some time off to deal with the virus attack.
  • Getting plenty of rest to allow your body fight off the virus.
  • Staying warm to speed up the recovery.
  • Gargling a salt solution to soothe the sore throat.
  • Eating a lot of fruits and green vegetables to boost your vitamin C intake.
  • Using ginger and apple cider vinegar to ease cough and sore throat.
  • Blowing your nose regularly to reduce nasal congestion.
  • Sleeping at an angle that doesn’t encourage nasal congestion.
  • Packing some hankies and cough syrups when traveling.


Using these natural remedies for the common cold, you can really avoid the awful symptoms of this respiratory infection and heal in a very short time. If you usually fight the illness for weeks, I advise you to make use of these natural home remedies and tips to shorten your recovery period.

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© 2015 Januaris Saint Fores


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