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How to Find Cheap Portable Car Hand Controls and Installation Costs

Updated on April 9, 2012

Concise Guide to Portable Driving Controls

If you’re looking to find mobile hand controls at as cheap a price as possible as well as understanding the applicable installation costs there are a few key things you need to know.

Firstly unlike other either permanent or semi-permanent designs you don’t need to go to a disabled car dealership in order to find a brand and product suited to you. Usually what will happen is that you go to a dealership which offers a various array of different models.

Cheap Mobile Hand Controls for Vehicles

Cheap Mobile Hand Controls for Vehicles
Cheap Mobile Hand Controls for Vehicles

Let's Find out Some Benefits

In this instance there are some advantages to going on the internet to find the cheapest price:

  • Firstly you can make direct comparisons in price to find one that suits your budget as well as your requirements. When you go to a shop you’re trapped by the products they have on offer and your variation is very limited.
  • You can read reviews on the product from people who have bought them and tested them out first. No longer do you have to rely on what some sales person is telling you, they will generally say what they think you want to hear – remember they’re earning a commission. Find out the real information at hand don’t limit yourself to searching on one website.
  • You can purchase second hand and used hand controls which can lower the price even further. Websites such as Ebay and even Amazon nowadays are fantastic places to start and can provide real discounts.

One reason why you can buy some of the Best Portable Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers at the lowest Cost on the internet is that their installation requirements are minimal.

Portable Hand Controls for Cars

Portable Hand Controls
Portable Hand Controls

Easy and Basic Installation

Just remember that when it comes to their installation all the requirements you need are to be able to read English and follow basic instructions that arrive via the manual and practically everyone is going to be capable of this.

When it comes to permanent or semi-permanent controls you end up have to pay installation costs at these can sometimes be quite extensive. Now obviously it does depend on which type of hand controls and how extensive the modifications are – as well as who you go too.

Why Choosing Portable Hand Controls will Save you Money – the Reasons you Won’t Think of.

This is one of the many reasons people choose mobile controls – because they’re a big money saver. The first thing you need to remember is that you’re not just saving money on the model itself or just the installation costs. You’re also saving money on having to purchase a dedicated vehicle for disabled driving. You have to keep in mind that as soon as you detach the driving controls then non-disabled people can use the vehicle too. This allows you simply to take out disabled driver’s insurance as opposed to all the other costs associated with owning a car.

Cheap Disabled Car Equipment

Using disabled car equipment in conjunction with portable driving controls is incredibly important from a safety and comfort perspective, mainly the safety one.

There are several different pedal and steering wheel attachments which must be purchased and installed.

Most can be installed by you yourself however if you're looking into buying more complex (and costly) devices then you may need a professional installation at a disabled car shop.


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