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How to Get Answers from a Dowsing Pendulum

Updated on October 15, 2012
Brecciated Jasper Faceted Pendulum
Brecciated Jasper Faceted Pendulum | Source

Answers from Your Dowsing Pendulum Made Easy

Mystics have always used pendulums to obtain answers to the most perplexing questions.

You may be thinking, how can they get these answers? And exactly how can I start getting my own answers? This rest of this hub gives you step by step, easy to follow instructions on to get answers from a dowsing pendulum.

What is a Dowsing Pendulum?

Let me explain what a dowsing pendulum is?

A dowsing pendulum is any object that is free to swing from a fixed position. A good example of a homemade pendulum is car keys swinging from those bungee-type cords or your wedding ring on a chain. They can also be purchased online or at your local novelty store. Personally, I dowse with a gemstone pendulum mainly because collecting stones has been a hobby of mine since I was a small child. There are also metal pendulums available that work just as effectively.

It's Easy to Get Answers From A Pendulum

When you have picked healing pendulum that is attuned to your personal energy, simply follow these steps:

1.Cleanse the pendulum. Presently there are numerous sophisticated and ritualistic ways to program your pendulum, such as, soaking it in salt water or keeping it outdoors in the sun and the moon for a day. Other sources advocate burying it in the soil or sleeping with it for thirty nights. All are fantastic ways, however, l like to make things easy. Simply say to your pendulum, "You are cleansed and totally free of all the others energy." Do not be at all shocked, if you receive messages right away!

2.Program the pendulum to be tuned with your energy. First, request the pendulum for a "yes" reply (see video above for an excellent demonstration). Probably, it will swing toward you body. Next, request a "no" response and the pendulum goes side to side. However, these can vary in different individual. The key is to be observant to how the chakra pendulum reacts to your personal yes and no commands. Begin by asking it a few questions, like, "Is my name Nancy?" or "Am I 47 years old?" I assure that you be delighted with the correct responses.

3.Bring yourself into meditative state and clear your consciousness of any intensions or preconceived ideas. Perform some basic deep-breathing exercises to be the proper state of mind to receive answers. There are numerous hubs and internet websites that can aid you with this process. Now, here is the difficult part for me personally, abandoning my preconceived notions (what we prefer to hear), and allowing myself to get the messages meant for me. Typically, if you are able to achieve this state of mind, communications from your angels or guides will simply start flowing. Just holding the pendulum, turns you into a vessel for enlightenment.

4. Say a beginning prayer with your highest intension for good in mind. Here is a fantastic one, "Let the answers that I receive at this time be from the highest of the high." This establishes that the universe is listening and waiting to grant your command (wish, prayer, spell).

5.Use a graph or chart. Experienced dowsers use charts to get responses. I have a handbook of charts that are already published; however you can be original and create your own. An example of this, is the alphabet chart. You request the pendulum to spell a response. Picture in your minds eye, a graph or chart looking like an open fan. All the lines stretching from the center of the fan are marked with a letter of the alphabet. Hold the pendulum over the middle point in the chart, and request it to spell the answer to you.


With a small amount of training, you will receive answers from your pendulum in no time. Its my highest wish that these replies offer you serenity and healing.


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