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How to Incorporate a Dowsing Pendulum into Your Daily Routine

Updated on July 25, 2012
Amethyst Pendulum
Amethyst Pendulum | Source

Dowsing Pendulums have been used since the beginning of time to answer questions, guide us and give healing.

But how can I actually use a pendulum in my everyday life? And how can this actually help me? In this article, we will explore how to use the pendulum and how it may be used in your daily activities. And who knows, it may even improve your life.

A Dowsing Pendulum?

First, let’s take a step backwards because I have some explaining to do. What is a dowsing pendulum?

A pendulum is defined as any object hanging from a fixed point. If you can imagine, your car keys hanging on and bungee cord keychain or that favorite necklace on the chain, you have the correct concept of a pendulum for dowsing. There are numerous crystal and metal pendulums pictured on this page. As you can see, they come in various shapes and sizes.

Now that I understand what a pendulum is, how in the world do I use one?

The most common technique for using pendulums is to place the chain between you thumb and finger allowing it to swing freely. Always make sure you are in a relaxed state of mind so that the energy can move freely between the pendulum and yourself. Ask it a yes or no question and depending upon the direction of the swing gives you the answer to the question. In most people, if the answer is “Yes” , the pendulum will swing toward you and away from you. A back and forth swing indicates a “No answer. More step by step instructions on how to program your pendulum and get answers are explained here.

8 Ways I Can Use the Dowsing Pendulum Each Day

1. Locating items with a pendulum –There is a famous television show that uses this pendulum technique every week to find the “bad guy”. Practically, I suppose you could use it to find a wayward teenager. The pendulum is held over a map and where ever the pendulum lands, is the location of the person. You could also find a lost pair of eyeglasses in this way, by first going to every room of the house and asking the pendulum if the eyeglasses are in it. When you find the room, locate them by simply walking around the room and asking the pendulum if you are getting close to them.

Use the Pendulum to Answer Questions

2. You can use your pendulum to answer yes or no questions. Remember without a chart, pendulums are limited to yes and no answers. It could be as simple as asking the pendulum if it is going to rain that day so you don't have a bad hair day. Or you can ask the more complex issue like, are you going to marry your current boyfriend. The answer may determine how much time you spend fixing the relationship and how much energy you want to put into it.

Simple Clarifications

3. Not sure which life choice to make, ask the pendulum. Done properly, you find yourself making better decisions. It may be as small as applying for a job. That one choice could be beginning of a new career. All our small choices really lead to the expansion of our larger goals and aspirations.

Which Direction Should I Go?

4. Determining Direction – Use the pendulum to make the next turn count. Not only in the literal sense at the traffic light, but also the directions that we choose can help you make all the right corners the first time. Everyday we are given the choice of what direction to take!

Eat the Right Foods

5. Foods – Being on an all natural diet, it is very important to eat the right foods. I take my pendulum to the store and use it to determine the freshest vegetables and the fruit with the highest nutritional value for me. You can even ask the pendulum what foods you need daily and how much you need to look and feel your best.

How much is good for me?

6.Quantities – Are you into holistic healing? I use my pendulum to decide what herbs and vitamins are best for me and how many a day I should be taking them. I do not recommend this with medications. Always take medications the way the are prescribed from your doctor.

Negativity a Problem?

7. Protection – Have negative people around you at work? A basic protection prayer with the pendulum will help you. All you have to do is say you want protection, let the pendulum go in circles. This may take anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes. Then just enjoy your peaceful work environment. But do not be surprised if the negative people stop talking to you or even find different jobs. It is amazing how one little protection prayer can change your life for the better. If your pendulum also happens to be a gemstone pendulum. It may already have natural protective qualities. Most black stones like hematite, jet,and onyx shield you.

Chakra Pendulum
Chakra Pendulum | Source

Heal Yourself and Others

Healing – I saved the best for last. You can give healing to yourself and loved ones with a chakra pendulum. Chakra pendulums are either a multi-level stone like the picture to the right or have gemstones attached to the chain. Chakras are better explained in this hub. When healing with a pendulum, a simple prayer followed by many circles of the pendulum, sometimes taking up to 15 minutes, and you are good to go. You can even long-distance heal with these healing pendulums. This is a perfect solution the healer that mistakenly uses their own energy. Pendulum healing will not drain you. And we all know how healing can improve our lives and those around us.

Before You Know It

You will not be able to live without a pendulum. Why make all those important judgments by yourself when you have a pendulum to help you? Incorporate a healing pendulum into your life today and be free from all the mundane decisions of everyday life!

Have you ever used a Pendulum?

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Most Dowsing Pendulums are Manufactured in India


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