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How to Give a Wonderful Reflex Foot Rub, Part Three: Energy Healing

Updated on March 3, 2013

In the event the above video does not load into your browser, there is a second choice to view it by playing its YouTube twin at the bottom of the article. Please let me know of any issues.

On the last hub, we ended the chakra reflex points by 'sitting' with the thumb on the inside corner tip of the big toe, which corresponds to the pineal gland.

Giving a foot rub can be an art, almost choreographed. Notice on the video how the hands slide smoothly from one part of the session to the next, in natural movements. After working with reflexology for awhile, I changed some of the sequence my teacher gave me, for a smoother flow and more focus on the pieces which feel most effective.

A short foot rub would be to give one or more sets of the seven relaxers and seven chakra points on the feet (shown by the earlier hubs) for a session lasting ten to fifteen minutes.

Much more is possible, such as giving attention to additional reflex points, integrating energy or vibrational healing and closing with the finishers.

Vitalized Energy

Rather than debate whether or not humans have subtle bodies beyond the reach of current science, why not go into stillness and ask inner wisdom?

I have been aware of the existence of the subtle realms since childhood, and satisfied and confident with my knowing its reality for more than forty years. Only the specifics in my conception of it have changed.

After I accepted the subtle energies as a vital reality and allowed myself to grow in confidence, working in harmony with the energies became far more real. It is simple, yet can have profound effect.

While giving stimulation to the chakra point, visualize a cloud of warm energy in the color of that chakra, soaking into the foot. If you feel so, enhance this visualization by breathing a subtle stream of vitalized energy in the direction of the chakra point.

Traditionally, the first chakra color is red, the second orange, the third yellow and so on. I feel that the chakras are not always the same color and I do not become fixed on the specifics. Still it can be helpful, especially at the beginning, to follow the usual color associations. Alternatively, visualize white for all chakras, as it contains all colors.

I no longer question the reality of human subtle energies, and am not drawn to complicated systems. I simply accept that I am a conscious creative partner with the universe and enjoy acting upon intuitive feelings while working with subtle energies. It is a preview of things to come.

Visualizing Energy in a Foot Rub

As a teen, I told a workshop leader who did guided visualization meditations that I did not have much imagination. Actually, the capacity was always there. I just had not yet developed this faculty consciously. Choosing to trust that it is working, even if nothing is felt, can give oneself a boost at the beginning.

I also 'grew into it' over longer experience. It shifted from being wholly subjective to more objective reality when energy-sensitive clients confirmed it in sessions. But when one is settled in their knowing, confirmation is not needed.

Reading information from others, such as this article, can be helpful to a point. Reading from too many sources can become confusing. I grew much more along my own path when I trusted myself instead and allowed the guidance of inner wisdom.

So, my recommendation is to play with visualizing a warm cloud of energy while you are stimulating a reflex point with your thumb. 'Send' the color or white light with healing intention and if you feel so, breathe a subtle stream of energy into the point.

Additional Reflex Points

1. The chakra reflex points end on the tip of the big toe at the Pineal reflex. From there, slide the hands to the heel. With the thumb and forefinger of one hand, press the thumb into the soft depression on the inside of the foot at the heel, between the heel and the ankle. This corresponds to the reproductive organs.

The forefinger goes on the outside of the foot opposite the thumb. With the other hand holding the foot firmly (thumb on the ball and fingers across the top of the foot) circle the foot 'into' the thumb as shown. Experiment with hand positions to find what works best for you.

2. Starting with the thumb at that reflex point, inch up the leg on the inside, about a hand span. That corresponds to the sciatic nerve.

3. The sequence I was taught was quite detailed and complex on the sole of the foot. But in time, with growing confidence, I began to experiment and found it was just as effective to give the sole good 'coverage' with the inching thumb movement from the top of the heel to the bottom of the ball.

4. Holding the foot firmly with one hand, 'hook' under the ball with the other thumb as shown in the video. Hook all the way across, a few times. This corresponds to the main lung points.

5. Pull the skin of the ball of the foot down with your left thumb. With one thumb inch across at the base of the toes, sitting on the eye and ear reflexes, inching across to the other side. Switch hands and inch back.

6. Give the top of the foot a good massage. Feel the 'valleys' between the toes and knead the foot with both thumbs on the ball and the fingers across the top.


7. Slide your hands to the base of the spine reflex. With your hands together at the index fingers, move just the top hand in a wringing motion as demonstrated. One, two, three, slide up the foot to the middle and repeat. Move the hands up toward the great toe doing the same thing.

8. Slide back down to the ankles. Put the palms of your hands on the reflex to the male/female organs. Hold, breathe and send the energy in. Move the hands up to the middle of the foot. Right hand on the top, left hand on the bottom. Breathe, send the energy in. Move the hands to the toe area, breathe, send the energy in.

9. Place your thumbs on the reflex to the solar plexus on both feet. Inhale as you push toward your client. Recipient inhales. Inhale, deep, deep, deep. Exhale as you bring the feet back toward you. Recipient exhales. Repeat.

On the final repetition, exhale and bring the feet back toward you, and as you come to the end of the breath, stroke up the leg and back down, slide your hands off the ends of the toes, slowly coming out of the energy field and putting your hands in your lap. You have now completed a wonderful reflexology treatment.

Happy rubbing, hubbers.

How to Give a Wonderful Reflex Foot Rub, Part One: The Relaxers

How to Give a Wonderful Reflex Foot Rub, Part Two: Chakra Reflexes


Foot provided by Kati Smith

Voice and hands by Gary R. Smith

Music by Runestone

Presented by Emanate Presence


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