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How to Improve Self Esteem When Dealing with Different Problems in Our Lives

Updated on June 7, 2013

How to Improve Self Esteem

Improving self esteem is important because they way we think determine our actions. If we think that we can't live up to whom we are and what we do will make us resentful and unable to view the world realistically. Thinking negatively only interferes with finding solutions to immediate and long-term problems. A negative mentality can also pervade the family, community, and workplace; hence other people will be affected by negative thinking. This is why it is important to learn how to improve self esteem; if we want a better and happier world. We should begin with ourselves; we can't expect that the world will be happier if we ourselves are sad and we don't practice what we pontificate.

By just knowing the steps for improving self esteem, will not fully restore our confidence if we fail to identify what causes us to have low self esteem.

Common Reasons why someone suffers from low self esteem

  • Feeling Neglect, absence of affection, interest or compliments.
  • Being they odd one that always get picked on at home or school or within the community.
  • Belonging to a group, family or believing in practices that people are intolerant towards.
  • Failing to meet the need for siblings or meeting parental standards.
  • Failing to perform work related duties or meeting peer group standards.
  • Being constantly punished or abuse
  • Criticisms received while growing up which you can't get over.

For some of us there might be more than one reason for having low self esteem, we just have to identify them and work to solve them individually. You should start off by sorting them out into two categories, the ones you can solve and those which cannot be solve.

What we can solve, we solve. To do this we must change the way we think entirely. People suffering from low self esteem usually suffers from lack of confidence, they are unmotivated, and thinks negatively by telling themselves that they are incapable of succeeding at any task. To solve these problems we must blot out all negative thinking, stop wasting time on self-pity, help out friends, family members or even your child or children solve their problems. Conquering problems will lead us to conquer more problems. By doing this you will get things done while slowly building your self esteem without even realizing it.

Eventually you will find that those problems which cannot be solve aren’t really insolvable at all, because you will look at them in a different way and find ways to solve them.

In some instance you might stumble upon situations that you don’t have the answers for but it doesn’t mean that you are incompetent, no one has the answers to all their problems. This only means that the situation is beyond our grasp, and so must live with it. If our sole choice is to live with it, at least we should live with it smiling and we should make the best of it at all times and be grateful for our fortunes.


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