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How to Maintain Comfortable Feet

Updated on May 29, 2013
relaxing feet!
relaxing feet! | Source

What makes our Feet hurt?

Quite often, we abuse our feet by not taking proper care of them. While there are many avoidable reasons, there are some that can't be avoided. We can only try to make the best of certain circumstances and use some of the following methods to ease the stress they will put on our feet.

Tips on Buying Comfortable Shoes.

I am not going to go on and on about particular brands. I feel that, while there are known "comfort brands", what works for you may not work for someone else. Here are a few tips when buying shoes:

  • Try on shoes later in the day. You will be more sensitive to aches and pains.
  • If it doesn't hurt when you try it on, it doesn't mean it won't hurt later, but...if it hurts when you try it on, it will definitely hurt later! Bring or wear any socks or inserts that you plan on wearing woith the shoes.
  • If you find a great pair of comfortable shoes, go back and buy more!
  • If you find a great pair of comfortable shoes, tell your friends!
  • When trying shoes on, walk around the store in them.
  • Ask about return policies in case they are not comfortable. This is especially important if you have spent a fortune on them.
  • Wear your new shoes for several hours around the house to make sure they are comfortable

Wear the Correct Shoes!

While there are many contributing factors to sore feet, we all know that shoes are one of the biggest. Wearing the right shoes for the right activity is critical and I want to emphasize the importance of fit and function.

Shoes are not the Only reason your Feet are Sore.

You can have the most comfortable footwear but your feet can still be sore. While they do contribute to sore feet, there are many physical reasons for sore feet.

Your Feet are your Foundation...

....your base, your pedestal. Treat them with the respect they deserve. Pamper them! Put them up when you are at rest. Soak them when they are sore. Massage them to ease out the tension. Slather them with good smelling,moisturizing lotion. Be kind to your feet. They carry you pretty much everywhere you have to go!

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After breaking my foot, I couldn't wait to get out of my boot and wear these again!Which were very quickly replaced by these!
After breaking my foot, I couldn't wait to get out of my boot and wear these again!
After breaking my foot, I couldn't wait to get out of my boot and wear these again! | Source
Which were very quickly replaced by these!
Which were very quickly replaced by these! | Source

Things that can cause Foot Soreness

Serious Physical Causes
You just had to have "those" new shoes!
You were on your feet all day at work.
Fracture, sprain, strain
You danced all night (in the above shoes!)
"Bridezilla" commanded you to wear a particular pair of shoes.
Arthritis, gout, diabetes
You ran out of gas and had to walk to the gas station.
Baby was up all night and only calmed down when you walked him.
Bunions, plantar's warts, heel spurs
You ran errands all day in flip flops
You ran out of gas and had to walk to the gas station.
Muscle or ligament strain
Plantars fasciitis, neoroma, tarsal tunnel syndrome
You haven't clipped your toenails in months.
You had to run errands all day.
Flat feet
Tendonitis, gangrene, blocked arteries

Happy Feet!

How to Maintain Comfortable Feet.

Be pro-active in your footcare. Be careful what shoes you choose. Make sure you have regular pedicures.Recognize when your feet need a break. Soak those tired feet! It will relax more than just your feet!

Soak them in Epsom salt. Epsom salt is a mineral rich in magnesium, that can reduce inflammation, help nerve and muscle function and so much more.

After, use lotions with tea tree oil, witch hazel and/or eucalyptus. All are soothing and promote healthy feet.

Please check out these hubs from our own SuzieHQ

Follow her wonderful ideas for a refreshing foot soak and massage! And don't forget to exfoliate first! If you are not familiar with Suzie, I recommend that you take a look at her hubs. She makes her own amazing beauty products with step-by-step instructions for the reader to follow along!

Pedicures are not just for Pretty Feet.

Many of us believe that we have pedicures so that we can put pretty colors on our toes and show off our feet. Now...I love a pretty manicure and living in a state where we wear sandals most of the year, I enjoy fancy feet but, I'm not sure if people realize that pedicures are important for the health of your feet. It doesn't matter if you are male or female. It doesn't matter if you do it at home or in a salon. It only matters that you do it!

  • Regular pedicures keep you from having ingrown toenails and keep callouses at bay.
  • Cleaning and clipping your toenails also leeps bacteria from growing and reduces foot odor.
  • Sloughing away the dead skin promotes new skin cell growth and the liklihood of developing corns and bunions lessens.

A massage with lotion or oil produces its own set of benefits, like:

  • reducing foot pain
  • managing stress
  • promoting circulation in calf and leg muscles


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