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How to Rediscover your Lost Self Esteem

Updated on October 14, 2011
How do keep your self esteem when it's filtered with life's nasty menthol flavored habits?
How do keep your self esteem when it's filtered with life's nasty menthol flavored habits?

How do maintain your sense of self when your self esteem is blown to bits? Keeping sane is hard when you look in the mirror and see no reflection. Living in a warlike society without any personal armor is even worse than walking in the middle of a busy intersection.

Self esteem is picturing a glass either half full or half empty depending on your individual outlook or mindset. Trying to recapture your missing self esteem is hard when the odds are stacked against you. How do you remain happy and healthy after you get fired from your job or betrayed by a loved one? People always say to soldier on regardless of the circumstance, but we're human beings not trained robots that can shut their emotions off at will. Believe me, I've tried to control and rationalize my emotions after each time I hit any type of setback. I tell myself that things happen for a reason, but there are times I want to just crawl under the covers and stay that way for good.

After my last place of employment closed in August, I automatically began searching for a more meaningful position to make me happy. Now, necessity has made my job search an obsessive one. I've given up my passion for a better career and just want a regular payback that's not from the unemployment office. A sense of panic has made applying to jobs a frantic search for a solution to an endless problem. My nerves never seem to go away and I'm grow more afraid that I'll never find work. I lost my self esteem ages ago after each time I come close to getting a job and then having it slip through my fingers each time. My recovery time after each professional rejection takes longer and longer to bounce back from. The last one took me two days to feel better. In the interim, I mostly stayed silent and slept a ton. I know it wasn't my fault, but it didn't sting any less.

Regain your self esteem by returning to your favorite activities with a vengeance. Take a walk to clear your head before getting back up on the horse. In my case, apply for more jobs or explore a different career arena I never lost of exploring before. What's in a risk when there's no reward or opportunity to take that ultimate leap? Of course, the old saying "times heals all wounds" is effective a complete cliché in discussing the pratfalls of life. Some wounds don't heal as fast as others do. You need to find a way to withstand any pressure and move past it to the next challenge. Stay determined to complete your goals even when your body aches or your mind has no more thoughts to process. Keep doing what you're doing and your self esteem cup will be completely full.

Ultimately, it's up to you to regain your lost self esteem at your own pace. Choose how you want to rebuild your life and confidence and stick to it. Never give up even when your life has more rejection than success. The odds will turn in your favor soon enough.


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