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How to Stay Cool in the Summer Without Air Conditioning

Updated on January 10, 2022
Closing the blinds can help decrease the temperature in your house.
Closing the blinds can help decrease the temperature in your house. | Source

Learn How to Stay Cool in the Summer Without Air Conditioning

When summer approaches, most of us think of sandy beaches and hot fun in the sun. We exchange those over-worn winter parkas and snow boots for our bathing suits and sunglasses because warm weather is on its way.

Handling Hot Climate and Humidity

Most people enjoy the summer but there are some that find it to be uncomfortable. This is because, in the summer season, the body tends to overheat and perspiration can be uncomfortable if the humidity is especially high. Moreover, without air conditioning, summer can be extremely difficult to tolerate.

If you live in a hot climate and want to cool your body temperature down, there are a few tips on how to stay cool in the summer without air conditioning. This article will highlight three tips for keeping your body temperature regulated.

1. Stay Cool with an Ice Fan

Obviously, if you live in an air-conditioned environment all of your problems can be solved with the flick of a switch.

However, not everyone is so fortunate. If you don’t have that luxury of air conditioning, or simply want to conserve energy, then you can use another cooling method.

Purchase an Ice Fan

This technique involves using a fan with ice. There are customized fan units with this feature that you can buy. These devices allow you to add ice within the machine. Then, when you turn on the fan, it produces a cool blast of air. It operates very similar to a traditional fan but emits air at a cooler temperature because of the ice.

DIY Ice Fan

Another DIY option would be to put a bag of ice behind a regular fan. If you use this alternative method, remember to place a drop bucket below the fan to catch the melting ice water.

However, if this cheaper option sounds too difficult to assemble, simply open a window. Then, place the fan in front of the window to bring fresh air into the room.

All of these fan options can help your body be cool faster.

2. Stay Cool with Cold Water

If you really want to know how to stay cool in the summer without air conditioning, just keep it simple. For instance, use some cold water techniques in the bathroom.

Cold Showers

First, you could try having cool showers throughout the day if the heat is unbearable. If that isn’t enough, pour a few ice cubes in the bathtub and have a nice soothing ice bath to bring your body temperature back to normal again.

However, be sure not to make it excessively cold. Know your body’s limits and don’t stay in too long. You don’t want to get hypothermia.

Cold Towels

Another option that you could try is to soak a towel in cold water. Squeeze out the excess water in the sink and wrap the damp cool towel around your head. Cooling down your head using this technique will help reduce your whole body temperature.

Cold Water on Wrists

Lastly, if you’re still in the bathroom and feeling hot, try running cold water over your wrists for about 10 to 20 seconds. Doing this will decrease your body temperature for a few minutes. This method also works well with your ankles or feet. If you stick your feet in a bucket of cool water, then it will have the same effect.

Running cold tap water on your wrists will reduce body temperature.
Running cold tap water on your wrists will reduce body temperature. | Source

3. Stay Cool by Reducing Heat Exposure

There are several other options to choose from for how to be cool on a hot summer day. The first two methods were more like offense-first tactics. However, just like in sports, sometimes the best offense is to have a better defense.

In other words, you can use preventative measures to reduce the exposure to the heat that your body absorbs.

Wear Loose Clothes (100% Cotton)

First, consider the type of clothing that you are wearing. Try wearing loose-fitting clothing or even nothing if you are in the house alone or with your significant other.

Though, you may have to keep some clothes on if your roommates are uncomfortable seeing you completely naked. In that case, it is probably safer to stick with loose clothing made of 100% cotton. Other breathable materials or athletic shirts can be more comfortable too.

Turn Off the Lights

If customizing clothing isn’t your cup of tea, then you can always adjust other elements in your environment to make yourself more comfortable.

For example, turn off all heat sources in your house. Doing so will conserve energy, save money, and cool your body down. It is a win-win scenario. Also, the stove and lights in your rooms all generate heat, so turn them off if you want to be cooler.

Reduce Sun Exposure

Lastly, try to reduce your exposure to direct sunlight.

Close the blinds in your house. Furthermore, remember to put on sunscreen if you go outside and stay in the shade. In fact, shady areas outside are several degrees cooler than sunny areas. Of course, wearing lighter colors instead of darker ones will help reflect the sunlight instead of absorbing it.

Remember, the summer season doesn’t always have to be sticky and uncomfortable. By following all of these tips, you should now better understand how to stay cool in the summer without air conditioning.

In the long run, it will save you money and it will be better for the environment overall.

Have you tried running cool water on your wrists to cool down?

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Wear lighter breathable clothing if you want to stay cool in summer.
Wear lighter breathable clothing if you want to stay cool in summer. | Source

VIDEO: Watch How to Stay Cool in the Summer Without Air Conditioning


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