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How to Terminate Self-Doubt

Updated on May 10, 2020
Chardie Cat profile image

Chardie Cat is an author and a blogger. He used to work in the fields of PR, Publishing & Internet Marketing. Now, he is a freelance writer.

What will you do to kick out that fear and doubt within you?


I would say, my life had been racing and revolving around various sets of personal, financial and professional goals. Most likely for some people, I can be docketed as the trying hard achiever and a disappointed dreamer. When I was younger, I kept plenty of imposing aspirations, but I was too afraid to engage myself in the challenges to realize them. During that time, I thought it would probably take years for me to be able to act and decide if I were ready for the consequential changes. That’s, I think, the static way of seizing good opportunities where I could build up myself both personally and professionally.

In this article, I am going to share with you a part of my journey to give you insights on how I managed to fight with indecision and unwanted reservations, boosted my morale and finally achieved self-confidence—one of the best weapons one can utilize in this world filled with highly competitive individuals and professionals.

Take the challenge


My first employment was absolutely a nerve-racking challenge. Being in the field of public relations and marketing is no pun. It was an experience that seemed to deploy me into a rigid training ground to work with a Utopian executive who asked nothing from my works but perfection. My exposure to different fields, however, was invaluable. Most significantly, it helped me to further develop my skill in writing. In the most part of that experience, my daily life was tough, but the most difficult part of all was making a decision to leave. It was harder to say I needed a greener pasture when I knew deep within my heart that I was already attached to the people I have worked closely with for almost half a decade. But then, I must make the decision and move on.

Accept the consequences of the decision made


After all, I found that decision was truly right. Not long enough, I found the place where I could become a certified writer and, eventually, an author. For almost five years I uncovered numerous things about book publishing, authorship and marketing strategies for both in print and online. That opportunity allowed me to learn the different styles of writing and improve my craft. But the most exceptional privilege I had was learning how to actually lead a team of distinctively gifted and scholarly writers and address contrasting work-related issues. It really magnified my confidence and morale.

Analyze the formidable obstacles


When I was at the denouement of an illogical situation and concurrently at the apex of exasperation with the unfavorable changes at work, I realized I needed to seek for something new, and, definitely, more challenging to evaluate my potential and reinforce my financial capacity. Then, a better opportunity pounded my door. Indecision set in because I was uncertain that if I would march on that path I could find stability. But the biggest roadblock was my self-doubt if I could perform the job and satisfy my employer’s expectations. Not to mention the apparent risk of separation anxiety, because I really hate ‘goodbyes’.

Kick the barriers and move on


After all those many ‘goodbyes’ I have experienced previously, I realized that it certainly taught me how to prepare and say my own ‘farewell’. It was a tough resolve to make, but I did it without remorse. Why? There are ample reasons, but pecuniary and psychological stress relief was I think the most important. Now, it’s good to sleep in the absence of tension and it’s good to rise every morning inspired to start your day at work.

Discover new realizations


Well, from my experiences, despite it being few, I have digested a lot of grueling realities. But I am satisfied to have encountered those, for I learned multifarious things that are important to life and making sound decisions. I realized that I can do more than what I thought I could and that I can get out from my comfort zone and take some risks. It’s overwhelming, but definitely rewarding.

Let go and end the agony


When you are no longer happy, let go. Don’t wait for the days to come when you have to dread going to work because you know something awful is expected to happen. If you would notice that your nights are spent thinking how you can adjust to the overwhelming changes, which you see employees are excluded in, in your company, consider changing employers. Put an end to the days of obediently following directives if you thought it doesn't help you grow and improve as an employee and as a person. And, don’t waste your time ranting and complaining why you need to adjust to an incompetent superior. Just cut the crap and move on.

Terminate self-doubt and fears


Terminating self-doubt and fears means breathing confidence and faith, ready to outmaneuver life’s difficult obstacles. You will become less impatient with yourself and you will understand that the learning curve is sometimes steeper than we expected. But despite the roadblocks and all, you will make it through.

Look at the best part


When you make the right decisions, you would feel the comforting breeze blowing through your professional life and you will get your whole life organized. You will find your direction and without confusion, you will walk towards your goal with sheer determination and focus. More than that, you will be rewarded for your hard work.

Walk the extra mile


Dream bigger. Reach higher goals. And continue to learn. Continue to give your best in every job thrown at your face. Never cower or be shaken, because fulfillment is worth a good try!


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