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How to Treat Headaches In Pregnancy

Updated on June 21, 2013

This article is a must read for all those beautiful moms expecting their babies and also for those loving husbands which care a lot for their pregnant wives. Headaches during pregnancy is a common phenomenon and it is essential to treat it as soon as possible.

Being pregnant makes the woman feel so happy but it allso brings with itself a number of complications which may leave you in a bitter mood. A headache is one such problem which often tends to increase during pregnancy. This often happens due to the change in hormonal system along with hunger, fatigue and mood fluctuations which you often suffer from.

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Ways to Treat Headaches During Pregnancy Naturally
Ways to Treat Headaches During Pregnancy Naturally | Source

Ways to Treat Headaches in Pregnancy Naturally

It is always to get a proper treatment done for headaches because if left untreated it might assume a more chronic form i.e migraine (migraine is known to affect 25% of women during the child bearing years). Here are a few things you might do to ease out the pain:

1. Taking proper rest during pregnancy is a must. Often due to fatigue and stress one suffers from headaches. Make sure you are keeping your pillow too in a comfortable position and it should neither be too large or too small.

2. Drinking lots of water is most often recommended by doctors during pregnancy. Apart from this you can take plenty of other fluids too like juices which will give you energy and make you stay fresh too.

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3. A proper massage of the neck and head needs to be done. This can be done using any of the essential oils like olive oil. You can of course ask your partner to help you in this.

4. Since you are a bit stress in pregnancy, so it is always good to move out of the house and take in some fresh air. Try going out in the park and simply relax.

5. Eating small meals many times a day is recommended during pregnancy. Sometimes due to low sugar level too, headaches occur. Always make it a point to keep some snack with you whenever you are going out.

Exercise during pregnancy is said to be a good pain reliever
Exercise during pregnancy is said to be a good pain reliever | Source

6. Studies have shown that proper exercise done daily not just helps to ease out your body muscles but also keeps headaches at bay.

7. You can even try warm and cold compress to get rid of headache.

8. Acupuncture can also be resorted to avoid the pain. Ear acupuncture has been effective in migraine treatment.

9. Aromatherapy is yet another way to treat headache in pregnancy. You may put a few drops of essential oils like lavender or peppermint on a soft cotton or tissue and try to breathe it periodically or else rub it on your forehead.

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Studies on headaches during pregnancy show that 57% of pregnant women have felt a reduction in headaches by atleast half during the first trimester while around 85% pregnant women noticed a reduction of significant level during second and third trimester. Doctors also recommend that all those experiencing headaches in pregnancy should consult their gynecologist so as to get proper medication.

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Why headaches occur during pregnancy?

Most of the women might be thinking as to why headaches occur at all during pregnancy? Well, the symptoms of headaches are due to the changes which are going in the brain and nervous system of the pregnant women. This has an overall effect on muscles, joints as well as blood vessels. Apart from this, nausea, sleep disturbance, poor nutrition might be some other factors involved.

Treating headches during pregnancy
Treating headches during pregnancy

How Can I get rid of Headaches During Pregnancy?

Apart from some of the steps already mentioned above, it is also important for pregnant women to bring about certain changes in her lifestyle. This includes sleeping well and avoiding beverages like alcohol, caffeine on a larger level. The next time you suffer from headache it is important that you note down the following things:

1. The time at which headache started

2. The time at which headache stopped

3. Was there any specific food or beverages you ate before the headache started.

4. Had there been any change in your surroundings like too much noise or have you been travelling.

5. Any medicine which you took after which headache started.

These facts should be told to your doctor so that she can treat you accordingly. In some of the cases, the headache cannot be stopped even by these steps and in such a case, it might be due to something more dangerous like preeclampsia (high blood pressure during pregnancy). Consulting a good gynecologist is recommended.

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The author requests the readers to kindly put in their own views on the above topic and if you are a pregnant women experiencing the same problem then please do share as to what you are doing to treat headaches.

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