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How to Use Affirmations to Amazing Effect

Updated on February 15, 2014


Do you feel your life is in a rut? Do you find that things just don't go your way...despite your best efforts? Are you frustrated at your lack of progress...even after putting in so much work in the first place? least you're taking the right steps now by looking into affirmations. You really CAN change your life with the use of effective affirmations.

Each and every one of us has the power to change things and to make our lives richer, better, happier and more rewarding

You can use these general affirmations or you can write your own to suit your own personal needs. Remember to keep your affirmations in the present tense...and follow this 40 day plan...and you will see the changes for yourself


40 Day Plan

  • Get your first set of affirmations together and say them in the morning before going out and facing the day...then get your second set and say them before going to bed at night
  • Say them out loud whilst looking in the mirror at yourself. It's important to hear your own voice and it's highly effective to see yourself as you repeat the powerful messages to yourself
  • Repeat each affirmation very clearly...THREE times
  • Keep it up for 40 days and you will soon notice the benefits and the changes
  • If you miss a's back to square one...start the 40 day plan again...but you're not going to miss a day...are you? It's worth sticking to this plan if you want to reap the rewards...right?


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Suggested Generic Morning Affirmations

  • I am looking forward to learning new things and growing as a person today
  • I am excited about what the day ahead can bring to me
  • I am flexible and I respond to all new ideas that come my way
  • I grow stronger and I grow happier with every new day
  • I always see the positive in every situation
  • I am highly focused and full of wonderful energy
  • I feel love and compassion for everyone
  • I focus on the positive and I focus on the here and now
  • I take ACTION and I aim for the target
  • I am in constant pursuit of my goals

Suggested Generic Evening Affirmations

  • I have learned so much from today and I look forward to the opportunities of tomorrow
  • I worked so hard today and I am proud of my achievements. Tomorrow will be even better
  • I am at peace as I head towards sleep and I will awake with new ideas and with renewed energy
  • I am stronger and happier for all I experienced today and I let go of all negativity
  • I am so grateful for the positive things that happened to me today
  • I will constantly be on the lookout for new ideas tomorrow
  • Tomorrow will be a joyful and wonderful day
  • All I need is within me now and I go to sleep in a state of pure happiness
  • Every day brings me closer to my targets and was no exception
  • My mind and body will be healing all through the night



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    • ufk profile image

      Andy Fraser 4 years ago from Maidstone England

      Repetition, repetition, repetition. Yes, it is the key, indeed. It is the tool to create the neural pathway to your goal

    • Liam Noone profile image

      Liam Noone 4 years ago from South East England

      I use affirmations such a lot and I agree with the advice here. Repetition is most definitely the key to making the most of using affirmations. Excellent work, Sir

    • ufk profile image

      Andy Fraser 4 years ago from Maidstone England

      Ha ha...I can't decide if you are being serious or not??? I have only just started this hub...and have just added some evening affirmations :)

    • Lori P. profile image

      Lori Phillips 4 years ago from Southern California USA