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How to Set Goals and Live Your Dream

Updated on March 18, 2013

What are your goals?

What are your goals and desires for 2013? What do you hope to accomplish this year? How are you going to go about achieving the results that you want?

These are important questions to ask and I hope to share some of my basic ideas on how to initially record and think about your goals. Goals should be of a positive nature and help you to live a more happy and fulfilling life. So, let us get started!

Step #1 - Write it Down!

The most important thing that you can do in order to start working on your New Year's Resolutions and Goals is for you to write them down. I don't care how simple they are, you need to write them down. This can be done on a sheet of paper or on your computer.

Now, a good place that I like to store my resolutions is in my personal journal. (That way I know exactly where to find them.) This is an ideal place, but I would also encourage adding friendly reminders to yourself like posters on the wall or refrigerator. You can even add little messages in your phone or computer. Make sure they are visible and easily accessible!

I recommend referring to your list very frequently. It is vitally important to remember that when you do refer to your list that you do it with a positive mind. NEVER....I mean NEVER think that you are a failure or you are not doing enough to accomplish these goals. This should not be a list of things you don't like about yourself! Remember, you are what you think. If you think you are fat, then you are fat. If you think you are skinny, I don't care how fat people say you are...YOU ARE SKINNY!

Tell yourself these things! That is the SECRET!! The secret to life and the secret of the law of attraction. Pretend and know in your mind that these things are yours and that you are and will accomplish these goals.

Another important thing to remember is to never write anything negative down. For example, NEVER write this: I really need to loose 15 pounds!

Guess what? If you do that, loosing the weight will be the hardest thing you'll ever do. A better example would be: I am going to loose 15 pounds! It is going to be SO EASY!

If you want it to be even better...forget the 15 pounds. The very BEST way to write that would be: I look great now, but I am going to feel and look even better this year!

Remember, there is good, better, and best! The best is when you already know that you are going to accomplish your goals. Best is when you imagine that you already have accomplish them and you are now reaping the benefit of these rewards!

Remember, you are what you attraction! I highly recommend reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. In the book and/or DVD, she and other experts explain how to use the Secret to get everything you want: health, happiness, money, relationships, etc. matter who they are can get anything that they want, and that is so important when you write down your goals.

Another important thing to consider doing is actually making an action list or write a small paragraph about each goal, why you want it, and what steps you are going to take in order to accomplish that dream.

Step #2 - Think Big and Positive!

Once again, I cannot say this enough...think positive and know that you can accomplish your resolutions. Do not limit can have big or small goals. I would recommend a little bit of both. This is why: If you set small goals and accomplish those first, that will give you the needed energy and drive to keep going! You will know that you are already an AMAZING and INCREDIBLE human being that can accomplish anything he or she sets out to do! Your dreams are not coming true tomorrow...they are COMING TRUE TODAY!




Step #3 - Instant Dreams Come True

I have mentioned this already, but once you have set your goal(s), you need to pretend or imagine that you already have it. Live like you have it and adjust your lifestyle to the positive change that has already happened.  For example, your goal is: I am going to loose more weight and feel even better.

Okay, you have wish upon a have asked the "genie".


You are thinner! You look great!

Wow, so now what do you do? Remove anything that might tell you otherwise. For example, throw away or hide your scale. Think (convince yourself) that it has already happened and that it just is the easiest thing in the world for you.

Guess what is going to happen? YOU ARE GOING TO LOOSE THAT WEIGHT! GUARANTEED!

Now, I have told you this once, and I will tell you again: Be positive and never look down on yourself. Never say never. And never tell yourself you can't do it or that it's too hard.





Step #4 - Express Gratitude

This is a very important step, and I hope that you will not overlook it. It really doesn't matter how you go about doing this, as long as you do it. Express your gratitude and thank the people around you for what you have. If you are religious, then it is only proper to give thanks to your god. Even if you don't give thanks to God, then you can give thanks to just the universe or whatever. Say thank you and be specific. This is important because you are acknowledging that you have receive something and you are thankful and happy for it.

The reason you do this is not just because it is the right thing to do, but because it will bring more of the positive energy and more of the things you want in your life.

Always give thanks and praise others along the way. You will attract things into your life that you can only imagine!

Step #5 - Review Your Goals

It is important to read over your list. I don't have a set time frame to recommend other than for you to do what is comfortable. Remember that as you review do not look at what you have not done or accomplished but what you have! That is key! Write down what you did good and modify some things if you like, but never degrade yourself or think that you have failed, because you have not. You will never fail until you think you are a failure.

Always view yourself as a beautiful person. I know for me I have a hard time with my acne. That is one of my New Year's resolutions: This year I am going to get rid of my acne. The hardest (BAD WORD for me to use) thing about this is I look at my face in the mirror. So what should I do? Well, quit looking so often, and when I do look...pretend that it is not there or is improving.

I should vocalize to myself:

"Wow! My acne is improving!"

"I can't believe how much clearer my skin is!"

"I have a beautiful face."

"I am sexy and strong!"

Tell yourself these things over and over. Remember, if you tell yourself that you are fat, then that is what you are. If you think your acne is bad, then it will get worse. Trust me! The human mind is a strong force, and you should never underestimate its power!

Step #6 - Rinse and Repeat

Do these steps over and over. Do them in whatever order you feel comfortable. Adjust these things to your needs, but never limit your true potential! You can accomplish any goal that you have! You will! You already have!

Express your gratitute for not only what you are going to get, but what you have already received. Give to others and share your positive accomplishments with others. People will see the change in you. They will ask you: "How did you loose that weight?" And you will reply, "It was SO easy! All you have to do is..." Explain and then encourage. You can do it, and they can do it, too!


I hope that you have a Happy New Year and I KNOW that you are going to accomplish your goals this year!

Thank you for reading!

-Peter Freeman

This will be easy!
This will be easy!

Think and Grow Rich!


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      petertheknight 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      I am glad that you liked it! Thanks for stopping and your work is very good. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your original photography!!! ;)

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      This is true and this is very great! Nice work! I'd love if you checked out my writing!