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How To Achieve Long Term Sobriety

Updated on August 12, 2013

Do You Think You Can Live with Long Term Sobriety?

If you or anyone you know has had or now have an addiction to alcohol, you will know the feeling of being stuck in your addiction with thinking there may be no way out and no way you will ever achieve sobriety back into your life again.

For me, it was a feeling of being lost inside my own body. It is a horrible feeling for anyone that has never experienced an addiction to alcohol or drugs for that matter.

It is hard enough to get clean and sober for many, never less learning how to achieve long term sobriety. Finding sobriety and getting it back into your life is a tough thing to do, especially when you have been drinking alcohol or using drugs for so many years.

It really saddens me to now see all those that are so addicted to their drug of choice, only because I am now clean and sober. Years ago i didn't notice nor did I care because I was in the same boat as all the other alcoholics and I fit in just perfectly with everyone.

Now, clean and sober I feel as if I can teach those addicted to alcohol ways that had and still do help me with my long term sobriety, but before any of that can happen the alcoholic must want to have sobriety back into his/her life and without the want to be sober no one will be able to get the message through to those that are addicted.


First Step Towards Sobriety

Everyone must take that first step forward in order to move ahead in anything in life and that includes finding your sobriety and live a clean and sober life from this point on.

You must be strong willed and have pure determination to get out of the addiction you have and face the world sober with no crutch to lean on. That is what held me back from finding my sobriety for so many years. The fact, that I was afraid to live a day without my alcohol demons tagging alone with me everywhere I went, everyday of my life. They controlled my life and I was too weak to control them. These addictions we have are very powerful things and you have to learn to be able to beat them at there own game.

Whether you know it or not, you are more powerful than you give yourself credit for. As the addictions take control of us and destroy many of our lives, we the person that is addicted can destroy our demons just as easy, but you have to want it so bad you can taste sobriety and you have to get yourself excited that you are about to change your life for the better and start living the life you so well deserve, and that is a clean and sober one.

Once you get over that hurdle of wanting to change your life and you have made that commitment to yourself that you will never pick up a drink of alcohol for the rest of your life is only when your dream of sobriety will come true,

I wish so bad that I could wave a magic wand and cure all those that are addicted to drugs and alcohol, but that is not possible, of course, but I can give my advice that I have learned through my experience being addicted to alcohol in hope that something will tern on a light and make you change your life.

Just to fill you in on how I drank.  I either drank or ate, never both at the same time. I could not drink and eat together and if i did eat that was the end of my drinking for the night, which brings me to one of my secrets that helped me in the beginning of heading on my road to sobriety.

The first few weeks were tough for me and I'm sure for any alcoholic that has quit drinking alcohol. I had to be strong and had to keep myself busy enough to get alcohol off my mind because just about everything I did, I had to drink. I thought I was a smarter man and stronger with carrying my crutch with me, but wow was I ever wrong. I was a weak person and didn't respect myself or love myself enough to just surrender to my addiction to alcohol.

In order for me to get through those first few weeks and possibly a couple of months, is when I got the urge to drink or something upset me, I said, well lets have a beer to fix everything, I ate instead, because I knew that if I ate there would be no urge to drink beer or any alcohol. My stomach was full of food and no room for the beer. so I used this method that worked for me, but may not work for everyone because, I know many people that drink and ate like crazy while drinking, so that method wouldn't work for them.

As the weeks and month passed I still keep very busy, body and mind and before I knew it the urge and the craving of alcohol had disappeared. It was like I never drank alcohol in my life and now going two years sober I can and I have gone into bars and sat with the best of drinkers having just as good a time as the alcoholics, but in my case, I left being sober and that is the best feeling in the world.


So, if you want to achieve sobriety and make it long term, and forever, you need to come up with your own method that works for you as I did. It may sound stupid to some, but it worked for me and I am going on two years. It really does get easier each and everyday that passes and when you look at yourself in that mirror, you are looking and feeling more healthier and losing that weight you gained by drinking alcohol and especially beer as i did.

You begin to feel so proud of yourself as you lived another day sober and as the night falls you look forward to the next day and pencil in on your calendar (one more ) day sober and next thing you know it will be months and then years you will be marking down. I brag to everyone that I am clean and sober. I just love saying that to people because I am proud of what I have accomplished in my life, that many can not do. I am not embarrassed to say to anyone that I had an addiction to alcohol.

So, surrender to your addiction, make up your plan of attack and go after the life of sobriety. Don't ever let anyone or anything stand in your way to your success of living the clean and sober life again. You will never regret your decision to change your life. I did it and thought I would never be able to and so can you do the same.

Change your life. Think Positive. Believe in yourself and you will see just how easy it is to have long term sobriety back into your life and all those that love and care for you as well.

© 2011 Mark Bruno


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    • the clean life profile imageAUTHOR

      Mark Bruno 

      7 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Denise, again sorry it's been a while to reply. Thank you for your kind comment to me and this hub. It is true I felt as if I were lost in my own body. That is how this addiction can take complete control of one's body if you allow it to.

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 

      7 years ago from North Carolina

      What a beautiful hub, Marky. I loved the line about your having felt 'lost in your body'. It is a vivid analogy. Wonderful hub.


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