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How to be Happy in Difficult Situations

Updated on June 28, 2013
Smiling through difficult situations helps improve your mood and others around you.
Smiling through difficult situations helps improve your mood and others around you. | Source

A year ago, I finally decided that I was done with sitting at home, reading books and not experiencing new things. I wouldn't say that I was depressed or sad, but I didn't really feel much of anything. Every day was just the same. I never laughed or really smiled. Then one day, I decided that I was tired of that and that I wanted to be happy.

All it took was the will power to be a better person and a few little tricks to be happy even when I didn't feel like being happy.

Happiness is no one's responsibility but yours. Choose to be happy instead of angry or sad.
Happiness is no one's responsibility but yours. Choose to be happy instead of angry or sad. | Source

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Be Happy by Deciding to Be Happy

Now this may seem a little too good to be true, but happiness is more your responsibility than anyone else's. If you're expecting a Mr. Right or the perfect circumstances to bring you happiness, you're never going to be able to maintain your happiness if you don't know how to be happy on your own.

Being happy depends more on yourself than on anything else around you. Sure having a good job, a lovable spouse or partner will add to your happiness, but if you don't know how to be happy when you have nothing, you won't be able to pick yourself up after something bad has happened on your own.

How to Change your Mind and Be Happy

Deciding to be happy can take a lot of time and hard work at first. Instead of looking at things in a bad light or worrying about things you can't control, try to focus on the things you can control and things that make you happy: good weather, an adorable pet, some outing you're looking for to, a text message, or a stupid internet meme. All of these things will help keep you positive and help you through when you're having a bad day.

Even if you're spending time with someone who is in their final moments, a friendly compilent to a nurse, a stupid joke or a dumb TV show can provide a much needed laugh. People and animals are weird and funny. There's always a source of amusement around when you need it.

Helpful Ways to Change a Negative Attitude

Instead of...
Try this...
This day sucks, it can't get any worse.
There's only two hours left, and I'm having steak tonight.
So and so can't hang out with me, they must hate me.
Maybe so and so is busy, now I'll have time to watch that documentary I've been meaning to watch.
There's no food in the house, so and so forgot to get the groceries.
Maybe so and so is having a bad day, maybe we can go out and catch up tonight.
Cleaning the house is so stupid, it just gets dirty again.
Having the house clean will make it feel less cluttered and I can rock out to my favorite song while cleaning.
I have so much work to do, that's all I ever do.
If I work hard and stay focused, I can get all this work done before the weekend and go for a hike.
Some of the happiest people are the ones who can enjoy the little things in life.
Some of the happiest people are the ones who can enjoy the little things in life. | Source

Be Happy by Finding Joy in the Little Things

The little things are often the ones that make all the difference. Your girlfriend boyfriend did your laundry for you, the cashier at the store loved the outfit you were self conscious of wearing, the stupid cat fell off the chair....All of these things can give you a much needed smile to start off your day and help dissipate the negative feelings during the daytime.

Stop and think about the last time you did something nice for someone else. Maybe paying for the person's coffee who is in line behind you at Starbucks will help lift both of your moods. When was the last time you stopped and watched a sunset or watched two cats sleep together?

Find happiness from the little things you enjoy - whether it's stupid animal videos, going for a short walk to clear your head or working on a Jeep that you're fixing up. Use these as constant sources of happiness to help brighten every day.

No matter what you're going through, there's always someone going through the same, but worse off.
No matter what you're going through, there's always someone going through the same, but worse off. | Source

Be Happy by Being Thankful - It could be Worse!

This may be an overrated thought, but no matter what you're going through, there is always someone who has it worse off. Even if you're mom is dying, or if you're dog is sick, there is someone going through that exact same situation as you are AND they may even have it worse off. Maybe they don't have a good friend like you do, or maybe they didn't hit all the green lights while rushing to the hospital.

You're still alive and you hold the power to make yourself happy. You hold the key to your happiness better than anyone else does.

Remember That Others have Bad Days Too

Don't let other people sour your mood. If the drive thru worker didn't smile or wish you a good day, maybe they're just having a bad day. It's nothing personal against you. They could have just gotten yelled at by their boss or put their dog down before work.

You have the option of either letting someone get under your skin or deciding to brush it off and smile. Be the better person and smile through it.

Do you bring home your bad mood or leave it at the office?

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Be Happy by Leaving the Bad Mood in the Office

One of the easiest tricks for getting rid of that bad mood after leaving the office is to leave that mood there. It's done and over with. Whatever happened at work is gone, wash it from your memory.

While I was working at a department store as a cashier, there would be countless people that would come through my lane in a horrible, awful mood. They were rude, unjustly so, and tried to brush off their mood on me. Sometimes they did get to me and my day would become long and horrible, but every day when I clocked off work, I always smiled. I was going home where I could relax. There was family at home, my dog and my cat.

There's no sense bring home a bad mood and letting it ruin my day. Forget the bad day and choose to let it go.

Granted it does take some practice sometimes, but a few minutes to yourself when you get home to relax and get out of your uniform is usually enough to shake off the bad feelings. A nice shower is one of my favorite ways to relax as well as listening to one of my favorite songs on the car ride home.

Final Thought: Fake it!

Even if you're in a crappy mood. Fake it. The more you force yourself to be happy and think more positively, the better you'll feel. Eliminate the bad mood and negative thoughts as best as you can. Tomorrow is a new and brighter day, and you never know what's going to happen.


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    • noellenichols profile image

      Noelle 4 years ago from Denver

      @LeslieOutlaw - Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I'm glad you found it enjoyable!

    • LeslieOutlaw profile image

      Leslie 4 years ago from South Carolina

      I really enjoyed this article. Very positive and witty. It's a great reminder that we are in control of our happiness and its up to us to choose the right attitude. Thanks for sharing.

    • jabelufiroz profile image

      Firoz 4 years ago from India

      Inspiring article. Voted up.

    • healthygurl profile image

      healthygurl 4 years ago from Canada

      I like your new, refreshing perspective on life!