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How to beat laziness?

Updated on August 9, 2015

Laziness and procrastination

Who doesn't love spending the day lying on your back, relaxing, and doing absolutely nothing? Although a period of rest and relaxation is essential to your physical and mental health, overdoing these can be a serious habit which is hard to break. Laziness and procrastination is bad for you. Absolutely nothing good comes out of it, besides learning how to get out from it. Laziness will:

  • make you waste an awful lot of time
  • make you waste opportunities
  • make your back hurt
  • make you gain weight in the long run
  • give others a bad impression about yourself
  • contribute greatly to failure
  • delay productivity(if not destroy it entirely)
  • not pay the bills
  • contribute to relationship problems
  • grip the nation's youth

Need I say more? Basically all the failures that may happen in your life, laziness has a part in it.


Factors that give birth to laziness

The best way to combat laziness is to prevent it from infecting you. Some people may be more prone to being lazy. It maybe due to their individual psychology, current work, or working environment. In my case, writing hubs was a joyful experience for me until I noticed that there's a build up of unpublished hub in my account. Laziness, too, built up until I decided to pick myself up and get stuff done; I immediately knew it was the beginning of a good healthy habit. These are the most common culprits that contribute to your laziness and procrastination:

  1. "I'll do it tomorrow" mindset
    Everyone has experienced this dreadful mindset. It is poisonous and it may kill you. If you told yourself that you'll do it tomorrow, there's a high probability that you won't. This gives us a brief, but false sense of comfort that there's lots of time to do it. But it's better to finish your work first, and spend the free time later.
  2. Unorganized work load
    Another problem I've been experiencing with Hubpages recently is the buildup of unpublished hubs. It's like everything's a mess and you don't know where to start. That is why organization is important. Organizing your work schedule gets half of the job done. Scheduling is also important, which leads to;
  3. Inefficient time management
    If none has been provided for you, then give yourself a deadline. Pressure yourself a little bit. Decide how much amount of work to be done and when it should be done. Do not attempt to complete any work in the last minute. Not only will it affect the quality of your work, it may become a bad habit in the future.
  4. Distractions
    This is a vague term. Distractions can be anything. It could be your girlfriend, boyfriend, friends, videogames, books, your bed, and so on. Do not make the mistake of investing all your time in recreation. It's nice to take a break every once in a while, but if you're overdoing it, then it's another story.


How to handle laziness

Now that we've addressed the common productivity of productivity, it's now easier to fix them. Laziness can be overcome with a few simple changes in habit.

  1. Exercise every morning.
    This will improve your performance for the entire day. Know that exercising in the morning is a direct result of defeating laziness the moment you wake up. It is also good for your health. However, know the difference between exercising and working-out.
  2. Eat a healthy breakfast.
    It really is the most important meal of the day. Sometimes laziness can be our body's response to lack of energy during working hours. It's also a plus if you made your breakfast yourself. You must be proud of yourself.
  3. Set your goals.
    Motivation is empowering. People can move mountains with the right motivation. Imagine yourself being successful in the future, keep that image in your head. Remember that you will not accomplish your dreams if you are lazy.
  4. Organize your work.
    As I stated earlier, an unorganized work load often leads to being lazy. Set your schedule, and start arranging your work. Complete your job objectively and try to be consistent.
  5. Work with people.
    You don't always have to do stuff on your own, even the president has people he can get help from. Seek help. At the very least talk to your friends about your work, it relieves worry and improves your mood.
  6. Rest well.
    Practice a healthy sleeping habit. Get lots of sleep, but not too much. Do this to avoid napping when you need to be awake. A good rest will fill you up with energy, energy that you should convert into high quality results.
  7. Take a day off.
    Sometimes doing too much of something will yield the opposite result. Do not overwork yourself. Don't try to fight laziness with piling yourself up with work, work, and more work. You'll only feel even more lazy in the end. Moderation is key. Invest some time to the other things in your life, like your girlfriend, friends, family, hobbies, and so on.


Actively combating laziness may become a chore. So try your best to be consistent. The best way to accomplish this is to savor the rewards of your hard work. Reap the fruits of your labor. Promise yourself that you would put your lazy demon inside a chest and lock it away forever. You'll get lots of rest when you're dead.


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Well-suggested ideas for a better organized life.

    • Meo Antolin profile imageAUTHOR

      Romeo Antolin 

      5 years ago from Philippines, Asia

      Thank you for commenting. Also it takes a little practice, being consistent with a positive lifestyle is not easy.

    • Mahir Maric profile image


      5 years ago from Bosnia and Herzegovina

      This is very useful hub with great tips. I think also that motivation and organization is the key to happy life and also gaining the balance between work and rest. Congratulations on this hub


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