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How to cope with a loss

Updated on April 24, 2012

The Loss.

As a writer, there are many thing's that come to heart, and come to me as sad, or happy, or funny, which ever the case, I take all my writing to heart, and keep it close to me.

With the loss of a family member, friend, neighbor, or other, there's always a feeling of emptiness, and no will to go on, as such there's the life after the death of a loved one is always hard. No matter what, don't let the feeling of guilt rise above you, guilt is a big factor in mourning, mourning the loss of another almost always has guild involved, you ask yourself, "I didn't answer their text", "I didn't say good bye", "I didn't tell them I loved them", well as hard as that is, and with a good belief in God, this is something you can overcome, life get's hard, with the stress of, kid's, economy, cost of living, and depression, these factor's really impact your mind, and emotional state.

The things you need to stay away from:

  • Negativity of others.
  • Sad movies, or sad songs.
  • Intentionally making yourself sad.
  • more trouble, or drama.
  • Hard thinking about the subject
  • Guilt.

The Gain.

This may not seem like much, and may not mean much to you, but the fact of the matter is, you make it what you want, you are a strong person, it's only normal to feel sad when someone is gone, and with religion it help's, the belief in God makes for stronger healing because you know your loved one is safe in his arms, happy, and being taken care of, God is a wonderful thing to turn to, because it gives you, and reassures you there is a sense of them not really being gone, Angels for instance are people like you and I with wing given to them by the Father, you know, and as well as I do, we will be there one day too, and be reunited with our loved one, so, don't accept them being gone, accept that your waiting for them.

There is always help from Church, from loved ones as well to help you too, never pass it up, never blame someone else for another's death, unless it was in-fact their intention to do such a thing, but remember that God is forgiving, you should be too, not saying you have to, there's a lot of things that bother me about hearing when someone is killed, it doesn't sit well with me either, but never the less, remember these words, take them into your heart and remember Heaven's only around the corner, and the pass you need to get in is to have love in your heart, and keep your faith, never forget that your loved one is still there with you, in memory, in heart, and in spirit.

Count the stars in how many way's you love them, let me know if you run out.

-your's truely.


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    • Michael Toole profile image

      Michael Toole 5 years ago from Gainesville, Missouri

      Bless you, your Family and you lost loved one, hope all get's better, let me know if you need anything.

    • Tami Fite profile image

      Tami Fite 5 years ago

      nicely written, from someone who is new in the grieving process. thumbs up! Bless you!