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How to Cope With Stress and Stress Related Problems

Updated on October 3, 2019
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Stress is caused when someone overthinks about anything which tires the mind from the ability of focus and builds up in mind.

How To Cope With Stress And The Stress Related Issues

According to global health reports the leading cause of most health-related problems is stress. Most individuals experience stress in daily life. This may be related to studies, work or other issues such as relationships. Some individuals may experience stress in certain types of situations that, when over, results in a reduction of stress. However, others who find themselves in different situations are not so fortunate. Stress builds up and can even cause life threatening health problems over time.

According to American Psychological Association 75% of adults reported different levels of stress. Half of them said they experienced more stress year over year. These reports show an alarming situation which needs to be addressed. When stress builds up and remains in the body over time it can cause a number of diseases such as heart, mental, and gastrointestinal problems, as well as anxiety and depression.

Before finding the solution for stress the most important part is to identify what is the leading factor of that stress.

Stress is caused when someone overthinks about anything which tires the mind from the ability of focus and here we are only talking about the build up stress. It can be due to pending assignments and studies or it can be due to excessive workload or huge targets. Some people also suffer from stress when they are going through hard times in their relationships. The people who want to make their economic situation better and find it hard to do so also face the same stress. It can be anything which has built up in the minds and people overthink on it result in stressing themselves.

There are different levels of stress from moderate to high and chronic levels and normally people from time to time feel stressed out about something. So despite of the treatment of diseases that are caused by stress we should focus on treating the root cause of such diseases.

There are some rules that we can adapt to avoid health problems caused by stress.

First of all you should be aware of what is irritating your mind or what is disturbing your peace of mind, as it is mentioned above it can be anything work, studies or other issues. Identifying the issue is the first step that should be taken in minimizing your stress levels.

How to address the problem

If stress is caused by studies, assignments or project deadlines, you should make yourself prepared for the forthcoming tasks in your academics, make yourself organized by creating a schedule for your tasks and follow a routine to accomplish them.

Most students who suffer this kind of stress work part time jobs to cover expenses. They should try to limit their number of working hours and their main focus should be on their academics and for doing so they should stick to their assignment schedules.

Avoid wasting time on the couch and stressing about the assignments. Avoid using social media excessively because it really makes oneself anxious by wasting huge amount of time. Time management is a skill that should be learned by following a routine. Keep yourself busy all the time. Perform a physical activity it will keep your body and mind fresh and you will be more productive in life. These are some of the basic steps that you can take to reduce your stress levels to enjoy a better lifestyle.

If you feel different levels of stress due to workload or non-achievement of unreal sales targets as it is one of the most widely experienced stress then the first step you can take is to accept the reality.

Everyone struggles in their professional life so adapt yourself to the environment, learn to say no when you have enough work for the week, don’t try to burden yourself with piles of work. Be optimistic give your best performance and don’t worry about the results.

Maintain your life by taking out time for physical activity which is really a stress reliever. Balance your work life with some quality time with friends and family and try to enjoy because it is essentially important to spend some time with the loved ones leaving all the worries in the office.

Do not expect high results from your optimum performance which makes oneself to criticize and build tensions. What if you don’t achieve your goals, they are not more important than your health, from time to time plan vacations and take breaks, visit natural places for healing your mind from corporate life.

Remember life is not all about how much you earn, life is about being happy and satisfied with what you have so never procrastinate about things you want in life, although this does not mean that you should not try to get them, be realistic in your approach towards your goals.

Some people experience stress due to issues in their relationships. Either they cannot maintain work home balance or their relationships are going through rough patches.

It is hardest to deal with emotional stress and some people consume alcohol or take toxic drugs which worsens the condition.

Stop avoiding making the difficult choices. To make things work you should demonstrate a positive attitude dealing with relationships. If your relationship is at a stage where it is poisoning your life then it's best to part ways.


All types of stress mentioned above are curable by simply taking small steps, changing your daily habits and sticking to a schedule. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and physical activities aid in controlling stress levels. So keep your peace of mind by changing your routine even slightly and enjoy a healthy comfortable life.

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