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How to cure a Hangover and Preventive Tips

Updated on January 19, 2011

When you have taken more alcohol than your body can deal with, in the morning you will pay the price. Having that extra bit of fun with your friends last night can result in a hangover the next day and then you recall that you shouldn´t have open that last bottle of wine. Looking for a hangover cure now, ain´t ya!

So first of all, the best way to kill that hangover is not to have one at all.

Whether you are going to a wedding or a birthday party, baptism, bar outing night or just a plain poker night with your friends, you can take steps, if you know there is going to be booze there, to lessen the chances of getting affected by alcohol and thus increasing your chances of waking up in the morning hanged-over free.

Pre-Emptive Actions

  • Just before you leave home swallow a soup spoon full of olive oil. Olive oil will cover your stomach walls for a long while thus lessening the amount of alcohol going through your stomach walls directly into your blood stream.
  • Make sure your stomach is not empty. A good meal before will lessen the chances of alcohol taking a direct hit on you and thus not having to look for that hangover cure.
  • Hydrate your system. Drink as much water as you can before leaving. This will also have an effect sooner than later in making your kidneys work, preparing them for what is coming next.

While you’re There

  • Do not mix drinks. If you have started with beer than stick with it until the end. If you´re into wine then don´t mix any other alcoholic beverages. This is one of the main reasons as well for a guaranteed hangover.
  • Eat a bit. Nip a bit of food here then a bit there and so on, make sure your stomach has some solids. This will lessen the affect.
  • Have a glass of water or even 7up occasionally between drinks. Don´t worry, your friends won’t talk.

Back at Home before You go to Bed

  • Water, water, water. Drink as much water as you can as part of a hangover cure before you get into bed. Dehydration goes hand-in-hand with that hangover feeling.
  • Eat fruits like bananas, apples, oranges, melons and if you can as well add some nuts.

In the Morning

  • Ouch my Head!!! Your system needs to let everything go and naturally rebuild itself. As part of a hangover cure get some good sleep. Get back in the bed.
  • If you have gotten out of bed to go to the washroom, then take a detour to the kitchen and have some more water or orange juice and have some foods that are rich in minerals such as canned fish, pickles or some fresh fruit and some more nuts. That left over pizza from last night sounds good as well. Get the solids in.
  • If you´ve got it at home, you may also take some vitamin C pills which help your liver to break down the residual alcohol. A good hangover cure.
  • Having a few spoons full’s of honey now and then as a hangover cure will help you as well to kill that hangover and get you on the right track.


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    • nelson soares profile image

      nelson soares 7 years ago from Sunny Algarve

      Thanks for the read pol1ce!

    • pol1ce profile image

      Paulo Pta 7 years ago from the Right Place

      Olá Nelson.

      Your Hub is fantastic, i realy honestly love it.

      This combine well with my principles of being.

      I drink but i know where to stop before or body trik us for good.


      If you like visit this Hub with my selection of Portuguese Singers.

    • nelson soares profile image

      nelson soares 7 years ago from Sunny Algarve

      Yep! Some water before really makes a change for the better!

      Thanks Springboard

    • Springboard profile image

      Springboard 7 years ago from Wisconsin

      I always hear about consuming large quantities of water AFTER the fact. But it seems reasonable to me, and for the reasons you so stated in your article, that it would be beneficial to start drinking lots of water BEFORE the fact to be suitably hydrated before you start the dehydration process. :)

      Thanks for a great hub. We all can use this one occassionally.