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9 Ways to Cure Morning Sickness

Updated on October 22, 2021

We've always heard that being pregnant is the happiest reason in the world for feeling under the weather. However, when you do feel sick, you sure aren't happy about it. Many women believe there is nothing they can do about the nausea that can persist throughout their entire pregnancy. Not true! Here's a few tips to keep you from losing your lunch without harming your baby.

  • Drink Water. It's about how you drink it too. Slow and steady wins the race. Or in this case, keeps you from prowling for a barf bag. Drinking water between meals keeps your stomach from getting totally empty. Sip a little less during your meals to avoid overfilling your stomach. The goal is to have something in there at all times, without having too much or too little. If you find that you're vomiting frequently, add in a sports drink containing glucose, salt and potassium to make up for lost electrolytes.
  • Small Frequent Meals. Same concept as drinking the water. Avoid putting too much in your stomach at one time. Try to keep it equally full throughout the day. Just not too full.
  • Spices. In this case, bland is best. Your Chicken Marsala might not taste as great as it used to, but keeping it down is more important. Sometimes it doesn't matter what the taste or smell is, just that it's potent can be enough to make you sick.
  • Soda & Soda Crackers. Remember when we were kids and complained of a tummy ache? Mom always gave us some Sprite and soda crackers. Great trick for grown ups too! Some women find that cold carbonated beverages (without caffeine) are easier to keep down, especially if you're itching for something other than water. Also, keep a box of soda crackers on your nightstand and eat a few before getting out of bed. This keeps you ahead of the game. Nip that morning sickness in the bud before it even starts!

  • Avoid Triggers. Steer clear of any foods or smells that might set off your queasiness. Food aversions are very common in pregnancy. Even if it was something you used to love. You can even get a craving even though you know it will set off your nausea. Save it for the second or third trimester when you've hopefully overcome your morning sickness. Same goes for certain smells. Maybe it's your favorite perfume you've suddenly grown to hate. Keep it out of scent and sight range, at least for now.
  • Ginger. It's been long used to combat that "sick to your stomach feeling", however you won't want to go taking a bite out of a ginger root. Try grating it and adding it to warm water for a ginger tea. Also, Ginger Ale made with real ginger can have the same effect.

  • Preggie Pops. These are suckers specifically made for helping ease nausea during pregnancy. With a variety of flavors, you're sure to find one you can stand and even LOVE!
  • Acupressure Bands. These are essentially wristbands with a small plastic piece protruding to target your acupressure point. Commonly used to ease seasickness, they're great for morning sickness too.
  • Vitamin B6 & Unisom When used together, these two are effective in helping nausea subside and are safe during pregnancy. Be sure to get the regular Unisome Nighttime Sleep Aide (NOT the Maximum Strength Unisom Sleep-Gels, as these have different ingredients). It's recommended to not take Unisom while driving as it does cause drowsiness. So this particular method of curing morning sickness should be saved for a lazy day at home, rather than a busy day at work.

How severe was your morning sickness? Did it vary from each pregnancy you had? Leave your comments below.


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