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Updated on October 6, 2016
Source: Dwight Phoenix
Source: Dwight Phoenix

Let's see if your answers will change later on

Do you believe that you can have super powers in some way.

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I’m sorry if I scared you for minute there. I Just had to get that off my chest : ) Now of course you must be wondering what in the world I’m talking about. By now I expect my readers to have thoughts like; He must watch too much cartoons, he likes marvel films way too much, he needs to lay off those video games. All of which are little bit true. But am I really here to talk about getting true super powers like we see in the movies? Well…………..yes. But don’t get too skeptical now. If you continue to read throughout my article you should be enlightened with new knowledge and probably be introduced to the basic science of physiological-chronological-illumination. Yeah I sort of just made that name up, but the concepts behind it are quite rigid and hard to dispute. So firstly, I’m not going to try to take some of the most radical examples you could think off and demystify that such events are possible; like turning into gas. No. I’m going to be as practical and suppositional as I can be; backing up everything that I present with basic observable proofs that we all should at least know about or experience. Next I won’t be speaking of anything spiritual or fictional in a pure sense. Instead everything I elucidate should be from that of the basic human experience that is as real as the air we breathe. I’m going to dissect and analyze humanities basic physical, mental and extraordinary performances throughout history and put fairly reasonable intellectual stretches to them. And also, the object of this discussion is not necessarily the individual in the sense of a person but the individual people.

Super Humans

Christopher Langan
Brian Shaw
Usain Bolt, Flo-Jo

Compare these guys to a nation of people 2000 years ago

I know right?


Now firstly. Yes, I believe that people can exercise supernatural abilities. But I think that this hub would be boring and cliché if I were to include spirituality as the source of such outcomes. So yes, people can have extraordinary abilities with just natural physical effort. But how is this possible and how do you get these powers? Well my avid readers, let me firstly divulge why I believe that we can have powers in the first place, and the best place to start is history. Before I go there though do you realize that people haven’t necessarily explored certain realms physicality during their existence here on the earth. For example do you believe that if you stared long enough at a bottle you’d make it move with your mind, or if you searched fervently throughout your entire life that you’d be able to find a way to make your physical-self FLY! Well……..? Think on these things while you continue down the page.


Looking back and staring in front of you

So yes history is one of the best approaches I have to use as grounds for being able to do what I assert. History has always been a means for us to see where we are so we can know where we could most likely end up. It’s because of history why we can make economic, social and political key indicators; analyzing the successes and failures of past events to create rigid constructs. The same is true for performances, which is where I want to go. You see, physical activities more formally referred to as sports have been going on almost forever throughout man’s timeline. I want to focus on the development of these physical activities through past-times to help bring out my point. It’s said that the evidence of sports literally dates back to the existence of man. Proof of pre-history sports was discovered with images of wrestling and sprinting 7000 years ago in the Bayankhongor Province of Mongolia, scribbled on the walls of caves. If you realize, man has always had a thirst to be active, constantly matching his perceived physiological bounds; improving on his/her physical capabilities through self and group inspired activities. In fact one definition states that sports are a useful way for people to increase their mastery of nature and the environment. Mhh?? Interesting right? So what we know so far is that people has always wanted to increase their physicality since they knew of the idea of getting bodily enhanced through repeatedly training the physical and mental self to surpass its so called limits. But what next? Well, I should also mention some of the other ancient societies that were all evidence of man wanting physical development:

  • There is the Sumerian civilization 3600 BC ago found in the Middle East; Iraq specifically, where images of men wrestling in an arena setting are found on the slabs of concrete walls.
  • Ancient Egypt also was home to many sporting activities in 3200 BC, reeling out a string of events such as; wrestling, weightlifting, long jump, swimming, flying, shooting, athletics and fishing, as well as various kinds of ball games.
  • Then there is Ancient Greece, the mecca of physiological and mental games; giving birth to the great Olympics as early as 760 BC. In fact this is where I was dying to get to.

Could anyone guess the fastest time in the world over 100M in 1906…………..Well……..It was 10.6 seconds held by Knut Lindberg from Sweden. And it was even slower before at 10.8 seconds. Now what I’m seeing here is the ascendency of man’s ability to perform as he progresses throughout time. I mean, if we were to fast forward to our present time, a young high School boy can take half a second off the time of that of both world records mentioned above. Our dear Usain bolt as even stricken down those numbers by more than a second in just under a 100 years. Could you imagine what Knut Lindberg would say to you if you went back and told him that 90 years from now high school kids are going to be running faster than you? I sure hope that back then they didn’t curse much. You see, It’s the same thing for the coming generations, people are going to be running 8 seconds in a 100 M dash i.e. if we follow the basic law of man simply learning from what they did and trying to better that.

So yeah if someone told you that 500 years from now people can run way faster than a speeding McLaren you’d Probably do the same thing that Knut Lindberg would do; laugh or make weird jokes like “So what you guys have flash and supermen running your races now.” By the way, that’s one more interesting fact I would like to state. Do you ever notice how the performance of our cartoon characters continues to increase more and more as time goes on?

If you remember when the superman character was first invented back in the 1930s he was only able to run 100 Miles per hour, but now he can run faster than the speed of light (this is because the creators constantly see a need to keep animations as far and excitingly away from human performances; Otherwise it wouldn’t be too imaginary if Usain bolt was just a fraction off superman’s speed. Picture this; Usain Bolt ran 14.4 m/s and the superman according the 30s could run 44.704 m/s, which is virtually less than four times Usain bolts speed. Now how would you feel as child if you watched a man running almost a third the speed of your great cartoon hero. A bit flummoxed I supposed.) In fact I’d like to bring you back to a statement by one of the commentators when Usain bolt had won his race; Ato Boldon said Usain Bolt had taken track and field into the era of “video game times. This is what the game and cartoon developers don’t want!!!

But let’s shift away from physical performances for a while. Do you also Recollect how in the 1980s the rubic’s cube could only be solved by a select few. But now even children can do it in mere minutes; I used to do it when I was ten. Also, Programming was the smartest thing an adult could do in the past, now even kids can do this at an advance level. So generally we get the idea that people get better at things as time passes on. But still how do we get super powers right? Well, let me get to my next point.

You see it all has to do with how people conceptualize exactly what super powers are. Now believe me I searched the internet and couldn’t find a definition for super powers in the sense of human enhancement. So let’s morph a prolifically true and unbiased delineation of the term “super power”. A super power can be seen as the ability an individual possesses that is largely more effective and colorful than the normal population. Now mind you, remember it has to be something that not everybody can do. I mean, picture the world fill with 7.21 billion supermen and women then no one would be super, in fact they’d all be normal. So we’re looking for something that not everybody can do. Now we’ve already gone through the concept that people basically evolve over time, getting faster, stronger, smarter at basically anything that we decide to put our time and effort into.

Check out this image


I’d like to also bring you back to a statement I made at the introduction of the article where I said that-- “Ever since the beginning of has been constantly evolving into something stronger, faster and smarter….why can't we just skip the wait and jump to the end?” You see that’s exactly it. We know that sometime in the future no matter how distant, some of our superhero characters are walking or flying the circumference of the earth in their physical- or transcended self. So if we can somehow bring back that individual to the present time, then he or she will be considered to have extraordinary abilities over the masses. In other words he or she will have a super power. But we have a problem here; NOBODY HAS INVENTED A TIME MACHINE AS YET TO BRING ANY ONE PERSON BACK TO OUR TIME. So what do we do? Well, the key concept here is breaking down fallacious limits (Key word). You see, our aim in life whenever it came to physical enhancement has always been to do better than the last generation. And so we mentally align the target (increasing our efforts, undoing the mistakes and create whatever method scientific or physical to enhance results), set our goals and then strike that target. But what man has never done…….Stay with me now……Is try to surpass where we will be in the near future. Granted that it is more difficult to see in a time where no one or results are yet there. But you see, the same method I mentioned that we use to determine what the future will appear to be like is the same method we can use to not only get a snapshot at the near future but to also use to do better than that time. We should by now know that man really does not have a limit. We will constantly begin to do better at everything we put our minds to over time.

Therefore it is this concept that we should put headlong into our decisions. “Wow I lifted 200 hundred pounds today….I guess I’ve reached my limit.” The opposite is true. From the greats; the near-supermen in all-times, we‘ve learnt that hard work and repetition works best.

This could be you.....


A scenario developmental-wise- (How to make someone jump 200 feet into the air)

If we take an individual at a young age (10) and equip he/she with a suit that is just below his or her limit to handle in weight and make them do basic jumping exercises along with sporadic rigorous work out routines (keep in mind that the necessary physical fitness and medical staff should be ready available whenever needed. Also the weights should be increased each time the individual has acclimatized with it and can jump further than or at their normal jump-height), at least 5 times a day for more than an hour. In other words you make this your life; he/she should be able to jump at least 2 meters in the air by the time they’re 12. And when you get to 20 you should be near the target. I know huh, it sounds pretty hard to believe, but you see the thing is that we as humans continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. Applying limits to our lives, disbelieving what we can’t see; the same mistake our descending ancestors made i.e. until some near-superman comes along to spoil the party. Remember If we put our minds and will at anything, we can do it.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you all enjoyed this hub.

So do you still believe that you can have super powers?

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Just a normal guy


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