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How to keep your teeth whiter than white-

Updated on June 3, 2015
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I am a Lebanese girl and I am graduated in law, i like to write about many topics, and i like to express myself through writing...

How to keep your teeth whiter than white

Like any other part of the body and face, the teeth are exposed to several problems not only limited to health but also their color, And thus it becomes yellow so many then tend to hide their smile. But no need to ashame of it after today, in the presence of several means which can be used to whiten your teeth and make them shine like pearls. It is interesting that the achievement of this goal is not just to use modern medical technology, but can also rely on the natural and effective means 100 percent.

The enemies of mouth

There is a strong relationship between eating and affordable dental safety and cleanliness and whiteness. The following is a list of the most prominent foods Which adversely affect the health of the teeth:

  • Sugar-rich food (chocolate , honey , ice cream): The bacteria naturally present in the mouth Helps to make these foods cause tooth decay, So you must avoid sugar to stay for a long time between the teeth, Especially since it is not linked to the quantity taken, but to the time of the friction between the sugar and teeth. Preferably , for example, not eating chocolate every two hours but get the same desired quantity at the same time, and not exposing the teeth several times for sugar.

  • Dried fruits such as apricots: Regardless of added sugar , which may contain , they are inherently stick to teeth and require a longer time to melt.

  • Crunchy vitamins: includes a high percentage of acidity.

  • Soft drinks: hurts teeth doubly because they contain phosphoric acid and colorings and sugar at the same time. Whether diet or regular, but it hurts in the same way because it contains this phosphoric acid.

  • Iced tea: contains preservatives and organic acids are added to improve its taste, which in turn hurts the teeth.

  • manufactured Juices and energy drinks.

  • Coffee, tea, with sugar, especially as we often drink it several times a day.

  • Carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, pasta): Since it is a complex sugar and its digest process begins in the mouth, That leads to the production of sugar in the mouth after eating it, As well as some of their parts remain between the teeth and expose it to decay.

  • Alcohols: It increases the drought of the mouth, and reduce the amount of saliva, so the teeth become unable to clean itself naturally well.

foods Which help to improve the health of the teeth:

  • Calcium-rich products (milk, cheese, raw nuts): It strengthens the teeth because it is rich in calcium and has a low percentage of acidity.

  • Sources of protein (meat, chicken, fish): It's good for the health of teeth.

  • Dishes rich in fiber: Because they help to clean the teeth in a natural way, what enhances the oral health.

  • Raw vegetables such as broccoli and onions that contains natural anti-bacterial properties, like carrots and apples that increase saliva and enhance the protection of the mouth.

  • Fruit rich in vitamin c, which own a major impact on the health of the teeth.

  • Green tea contains antioxidants, and its ability to protect teeth from decay and prevent the accumulation of plaque and ensure the recovery of the mouth.

  • Sugar-free chewing gum as it increases saliva and reduce acid.

In my next article I will tell you how to change yellow teeth to white teeth, and how to use the best natural ways to whiten your teeth without the help of the dentist.

My personal experience

Today I am telling you my personal experience in keeping my teeth white, all what I do is I am eating natural foods.

white teeth is not impossible

healthy teeth

to keep your teeth white and healthy you have to take care of them by brushing them twice at least per day, and to have a healthy nutrition system.


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