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More About Potty Training for all Ages, Waste Evacuation

Updated on May 20, 2020

June 6, 2011 re; How to Poop:i & ii.Updated February 01, 2015.

More About How To Poop

More about, how to poop…

If you have read, How to poop, toilet training tools for all ages. I hope you are finding better health and relief.

Since gathering a few tips and tools for how to poop, if you have taken any of the steps on the poster, you are evacuating more poo than ever.

Explaining how to poop is not enough.

Understanding what is happening to our body is important.

It is less traumatic to experience changes in our bodies when we realize others are experiencing the same things.

You may have had some uncomfortable experiences that are embarrassing to ask questions about, or your new awareness has raised some new concerns.

Seeking and finding answers to what is happening to our individual digestive system, colon and anus are positive steps to feeling better.

Since writing about the topic I have committed to taking better care of myself. I have taken the instructions to heart.

I have been practicing the information I have been sharing in How to Poop.

Bending to the task at hand, using the tips and tools, there are some things I have discovered that are new.

Before this revelation of How to Poop, my body has not had this type of relief or refreshment before.

It is baby steps on a journey. One day at a time.

Breathe deep, take your time and relax.

During Childhood We Were Taught to Eat Fast, Poop Fast, and to Hold Our Water

As children we are put on rigid schedules. Some children are given more rigid routines than others.

According to the work schedules of most homes, children are taught to line up to the table at dinner time. Many families in North America have the same dinner times; 5:00 or 6:00 p.m.

In many households this is a time of formality. Some allow conversation, some do not. One thread of commonality is the need to hurry up. There is a schedule for eating, cleaning up, homework, bath and bed times. There are few homes that allow a person to leave the table to go potty.

It is unfortunate that our society has been leaving out the time needed for healthy evacuation of toxins and waste from our bodies.

Since poop or feces is such an unpleasant subject, there is little awareness, and no discussion of what our bodies may be saying to us.

Constipation in Children is Increasing by HopkinsChildren

Eat Fast, Poop Fast, and Hold Your Water

This position was drilled into us as small children, potty training that was all wrong. This keeps us from evacuating all waste ingested.
This position was drilled into us as small children, potty training that was all wrong. This keeps us from evacuating all waste ingested. | Source

Lack of Feeling or Sensitivity to Areas of the Body

It should not seem strange that once we begin retraining ourselves to poop in a healthier manner, that we realize we have a lack of feeling or sensitivity to our lower extremities. We have been taught to ignore, kill urges and do the opposite of what our system is urging us to do. For some of us, this could have been going on for 20 years, 30 years or more.

Our needs to urinate, or evacuate feces have been ignored for most of our lives. Once we start to pay attention to previously abandoned systems, it will take time and patience to feel what is happening, and respond to it, instead of ignoring our body's needs.

  • Not having sensitivity in the anal, buttocks and sphincter area
  • Not realizing we still have more to evacuate until we think we are done.

After years of bad potty training practices; waiting, and holding it, our bodies will grow leaks, and numbness where the waste stockpiles.

The waste is meant to go as soon as the body says go. When the task is delayed it can cause weakness, nausea, sweating and other signs of distress.

Years of holding it can cause disease and grave damage.

relaxed, breathing, and success...

You are retraining yourself to potty in a more healthy style. You are learning to relax, breathe, and take time to let your body evacuate the waste. When you wipe the anal area, you may discover there is waste adhering to your bottom. Do not be alarmed. During this new transition, you may want to keep disposable gloves handy for extra clean-up.

When waste products have been stored in a 98.6° area (more or less), and there is continued re-compaction, when the waste finally begins to move, it may be sludgy. You may have to be spend more time and effort, with a more 'hand on approach'.

Be sure to Wash Your Hands Well. At least 30 seconds, with warm water and plenty of soap. Hand sanitizer will not be enough when dealing with this extra waste.

See, you are getting healthier already.

as soon as you finish washing your hands, oops, time to go again

  • Thinking you are finally done, and as soon as you finish washing your hands, you must go again.

This is where it is easy to fall back into the old patterns of holding it. Really, your body is saying, "The avocado sandwich is gone, but the chips and dip were held up a little, and are ready to go".

If life is such a hurry, that a human does not have time to tend to disposing of toxins built up in their own human system. Their only system, there is a break down in priorities.

how much time should it take? What did you eat?.

  • Finding yourself outside of the social norm, others will have issue with your taking more time to evacuate waste.

Unfortunately, our structured days give an average hour for lunch, and two, fifteen-minute breaks. From a mathematical standpoint, if one spends an entire hour eating their lunch, and an exact half-hour to evacuate the waste, there could be a disconnect.

More About Poop During Evacuation

In the beginning of your re-training, there will be balls of poo surrounding the inner anus that roll like steel balls in a factory. They spin, continue to gain compaction, but are not easily expelled.

In order for your system to function properly, for the anus, kidneys and intestines to get healthier, these poo balls will have to go. They must go.

Even though this area has been held in taboo for as long as you have been alive, it may help to realize that the lower part of your body is still a part of the whole body.

It will not be comfortable to get the poo balls out. I would recommend using disposable gloves, or paper to gently massage the area around the anus, from the lower back buttocks, toward the anal opening. Be slow, patient, and gentle.

Remember to breathe. Keep taking deep breaths.

When you have finished massaging the anal area, you must (carefully remove gloves and dispose of properly - do not flush) and Wash hands at least 30 seconds, front and back with very warm water, and lots of soap.

Any Hose or Pipe, As It Ages Will Experience a Breakdown of Usability.

We can think of our bodies as parallel with some machines, or at least parts of machines or systems that process, filter, and evacuate waste.

  • A pipe or hose that catches debris throughout evacuation processes will eventually stop up, causing a system breakdown, and costly repairs.
  • Holding poo and pee when you have to go badly, causes damage to the tissue and muscles. As we age, we lose sensitivity in the stressed areas.

This is something we can undo. By regaining control over how our body is fueled, and how it expels waste, we will experience a refreshing operation of these constantly stressed areas. We are powerful when we focus on healing and taking better care of our bodies.

Years of Pressure on Pipes can Cause Erosion

  • Leakage can and does occur.
  • Poo that inhabits our colon, and anus areas, can cause hemorrhoids, tumors and cancers.

Pipes which are subject to harsh conditions, and abuse, over time may crack, break, have growths in them. Treating pipes like royalty makes for happy plumbing

Junk In, Junk Out

  • Care more about what comes out of us, will teach us to ingest (eat and drink) better products.

Lilly can attest to a remarkable difference between vitamin enriched raw foods, vs junk food. Your amazing systems can inhale the nutrients it is most in need of, this is where true food cravings come in. Addiction to MSG, and other foods that are nowhere near their original form, are not true food cravings..

Good Food In = Essential Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals

  • Eating better equals pooping better.

Once our systems are cleared up, we gain energy, a taste for fresh fruits and vegetables. Making healthier choices of intake, make a much easier, healthier and satisfying evacuation.

Taking Time to Research our Body Fuel, Makes us Wiser and Healthier

  • We are more concerned about food in, poop out.

As we gain understanding of what fuels we are using for our intricate human systems, we can be better care takers of this stunning machine, called human body. We may begin to see a bigger picture.

Some Weight Loss Can be a Natural Consequence

  • Weight loss, and inches will be lost in a slow and safe manner.

If you have tried this, and are having good results, there are many benefits. Lilly is able to bend over to paint her toenails. She has not been able to do that for a couple of decades. If you are able to listen to your body, acting immediately, then taking time, relaxing and breathing, you will benefit.

Stool Examination Gives Hints to Wellness, Digestion, and Disease

  • By observing poo (stools), we get road-map to our health.

In 1985, Lilly had a sudden illness. She was six months pregnant, and got so sick, she lost 9 pounds in one week. What helped the physician pinpoint her problem, was the color of her stools. Because her stools were grey to white, it was a clear indicator of gall bladder distress. Are they pinched, small and hard? Fat, of medium consistency, easy to move?

Remember To Breathe. Focus on Breathing, and Relax

  • We are breathing deeper, feeling cleaner, better, healthier.

Each time we take deeply filling breaths, we open up our systems, with oxygen boosts. Breathing physically deep into the abdomen, especially while waiting for bowel movements will move the intestines and muscles that have been dormant.

It Will Not Take Long To Notice A Difference

Click thumbnail to view full-size
At first it may be difficult, just keep breathing, relaxing, giving it all time. What we eat becomes waste after our body takes the nutrients and vitamins from the food. What are you eating?
At first it may be difficult, just keep breathing, relaxing, giving it all time. What we eat becomes waste after our body takes the nutrients and vitamins from the food. What are you eating?
At first it may be difficult, just keep breathing, relaxing, giving it all time. What we eat becomes waste after our body takes the nutrients and vitamins from the food. What are you eating? | Source

Potty Training for all ages

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Stalls with railing for the handicapped can help a person who is retraining themselves to potty
Stalls with railing for the handicapped can help a person who is retraining themselves to potty
Stalls with railing for the handicapped can help a person who is retraining themselves to potty | Source

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2011 Lori J Latimer


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