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How to prevent the kids from the winter-dry skin problems?

Updated on November 25, 2013
Parents need to play a vital role to prevent their child from getting afffected with the winter-dry skin problems.
Parents need to play a vital role to prevent their child from getting afffected with the winter-dry skin problems. | Source

The excess humidity gets deposited on the outer layer of the skin and obstructs the process of water evaporation from the skin in the summer and monsoon. In winter just the opposite of this happens because the lack of humidity causes excess evaporation of water from the epidermis layer of the skin. The stratum corneum helps in protecting the skin from this change in the weather conditions. It tries its best to keep the level of humidity of the skin intact. But still some of the problems of the dry skin persist in the winter season. Let us find out how to prevent the problem of dry skin in the cold winter conditions.

Dry skin problems in the winter

  • Atopic dermatitis are very commonly found among the children in winter. This is a type of eczema which is accompanied with excess of sneezing. This disease is very much related with heredity. If one parent, grandparent, brother and sister are affected by this then the child may get affected by it. The main problem related to atopic dermatitis is dry skin.
  • Another type of skin disorder is ichthyosis which is also a heredity skin problem. The skin gets dry, thickened and appears like the scales on a fish.
  • Besides, there are also the problems of psoriasis. Here the skin of the whole body gets covered with red patches. The scalp gets affected by the problem of dandruff.
  • Sometimes when a child suffers from certain other diseases like malnutrition, hypothyroidism and diabetes the problems of dry skin surfaces.

Allergy and skin infection

  • In winter it is very common that the dry skin conditions could lead to allergic problems like atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis etc. This could be treated with the help of moderate or low doses steroid creams or moisturizers on the advice and supervision of the physicians.
  • There is also the common problems of bacterial infections and virus infections. Your doctor may subscribe oral antibiotic, anti-fungal and antiviral tablets or syrup together with antibiotic and antiviral creams or ointments.
  • Prevention of dry skin with regular skin care.
  • Make your child wear full sleeve cotton shirts so that the hands and legs of your child could be protected from cold. Synthetic clothes may cause irritation on the dry skin. In case of sensitive skin, make sure that woolen clothes do not come in direct contact with it. Make your child wear woolen clothes only over cotton clothes.
  • Make sure to apply coconut oil or olive oil on your child's body before every bath.
  • Avoid using mustard oil because it may cause allergy on dry skin. Mustard oil may cause irritation during sun tan.
  • Make your child use moisturizing soap or liquid soap during bath. Avoid using cold water for bathing, instead use slightly warm water.
  • Neither use an antiseptic in the bath water nor use any antiseptic soap. Antiseptics remove the normal bacterias and fungus from the skin. These useful bacteria provide the basic first hand protection to the skin.
  • Those children who have a dry skin type their lips get very easily cracked during the winter. At this stage if proper protection is not taken then it may lead to infection. To cure the cracks in the lips of the children you may apply coconut oil. Besides, after the lunch and dinner at night you may apply the coconut oil on their lips. Coconut oil has the capacity to protect against germs and therefore it reduces the chances of any possible infections. Alternatively, you may use glycerin and petroleum jelly. This would keep the lips soft and hydrated for long. If there is an excess problem with the cracks in lips among children then one may have to take medicines as prescribed by the doctors.

Things to remember

  1. It is important to bath your child properly with soap every day. Make sure to apply shampoo two to three days in a week. Wash their hands and legs two to three times in a day, especially, when they come from outside.
  2. Do not make them wear any necklace or locket made of metal. Metal may cause irritation on the dry skin. Besides, the threads of locket may get affected with fungus and bacteria and therefore it is advisable not to make them wear any such things.
  3. It is a good idea to clean the ears of your child from time to time. Use ear-buds of branded companies to do the same.
  4. Maintain the basic rules of hygiene and cleanliness. Trim the nails and wash the hands and legs with hand lotions.
  5. It is good not to keep any pets in your house. This is so because the hairs of the pets are one reason for allergies of the dry skin.
  6. Make sure that your child does not touch the plants very often. This could lead to the problems of allergy.

Diet plays an important role

  • To keep dry skin better one needs a balanced diet. This means one needs a diet which could provide the adequate number of proteins, omega 3, omega 6 fats and carbohydrates.
  • Green vegetables and pulses work like the good antioxidants. Serve your child with dishes filled with green leafy vegetables for the tiffin and snacks.
  • Season fruits are always good to have. These provide the body with the adequate amount of antioxidants.
  • Your child also needs to drink enough quantity of water and fruit juices.

Managing the life style

  • It is not good to take your child outside when it is very cold out there. Keep the outdoor activities as less as possible. When the skin comes in contact with the outside cold, problems may arise. If it is important to take your child outside then dress him/her well for the same so that he/she could remain safe from the cold.
  • Avoid diets that are high in calories like chocolates, chips and cold drinks.


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