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Quit Smoking Using the Powers of Your Mind--It Works

Updated on March 19, 2019

Do a Little Homework

Look up the word hypnosis in the dictionary and maybe do some research on what it means to be hypnotized, Self hypnosis is not anything magical, and is a very practical application to what we are talking about.

Powers we are unaware of

The human mind is far more capable, and has the ability to do anything you can challange it with. Thoughts become tangible objects, with just a little nudge. Scientiswts tell us that we only use 10% of our brains, haven't you ever wondered what goes on in the other 90%? I believe that is where all the answers to our unanswered questions, the mysteries of life, the spiritual, and who knows what else....?

If you are totally serious about stopping your cigarette habit, try starting with your mind, and I will guarantee you success. Once your mind holds the right thoughts and opinions about tabacco, it is easy to stop.

The one thing holding most people back is their inability to commit to actually wanting to stop doing something that they find not just mentally soothing, but physically also. The hardest part of quitting is taking that first step and and mean it when they say, I really do not want to do this anymore. Knowing that it is bad for you and actually doing something, taking the steps toward not doing it anymore, are two different things.

Look up the term hypnosis in the dictionary and maybe do a little research and see for yourself what it means and what you do when you are hypnotized.

Here is exactly what I mean.....

Every day take a pen and notebook, and write in your best penmanship- "I hate the way cigarettes taste when I smoke them." You must do this three times a day, and at least 35 times each session. Actually, the more times the better, so up it to 50 times for better results. If you do this faithfully, no cheating, somewhere between day four and day five, you will light up your smoke, and find that it tastes absolutely horrible to you. After that, it is really easy, now isn't it?

Here is another tip that I found really helped. Realize that smoking is partly a physical addiction to some chemicals, and the other part is nothing more than an oral fixation. Allow yourself to hold and play with an unlit smoke, and it eases the stress.

Realize and understand that addictions begin and end in your head, in your mind. Convince yourself that you really do not want that smoke, and .... you won't

Never Say Never, Just Later

I have put my money where my mouth is, so to speak. As a New Years Resolution my husband and I decided to use these methods to quit smoking for good, as his health was really getting bad.

Self hypnosis is any technique you can use to brainwash yourself into not doing those same old tired behaviors that you frequently use habitually to supposedly get by with your daily routine. Stress makes us do things we think we need to do, just to relieve what we bring upon ourselves during day to day life. Before you know it, it is a habit, which in turn becomes an addiction.

So, in preparation for the first of the year, we started our self brain washing with the writing three times a day. We did it faithfully for almost a week, and just made up our minds.

It is now the 30th of January, and we have not needed any other kind of quitting aid, and we have both stopped completely. So, I am here to say, it has worked. This along with another self help, and that is that every time I began craving a smoke, I would not lie to myself and tell myself that I would not ever have a smoke again. If I craved a smoke, I would just tell myself that I would have one a little bit later, and put it off. Later never came. If later I wanted a smoke, I would tell myself, OK, but later, I will have one later. Then I would just forget about it. This worked for me.

I now have over five years that I have not smoked. It is only your mind that you need to allow to help you with this endeavor. The ten percent of our brains that we use will get the 90 percent to help you out if only you will ask it to. Just trust and believe in yourself, and allow your brain to work in the way it was intended, and you will see. Convince yourself that you want this, and you will want it. Try and see.


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