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How to survive the winter weather and have fun

Updated on December 29, 2011

How to survive the winter weather and have fun

There are lots of ways to survive the winter weather and have fun at the same time, c'mon read on.

Among the four seasons I am beginning to like winter the most, maybe because I am enjoying the change of color from orange to golden brown to a little bit brown, and then it gets dark brown. It never gets as white (I cant sing, White Christmas here) in Texas although it also snow from time to time, but hey, I am still dreaming I can play in the snow, like a child though. For the meantime I am just contented looking at Lake Placid, New York. Read this article and experience skiing like never before.

You are more likely to catch cold too during winter season and this can lead to other serious illness such as strokes, heart attack, pneumonia, hypothermia and heart problems.

What do I do during winter? I have listed some survival tips in this cold weather:

outside the house, SNOW in TX
outside the house, SNOW in TX

survive the winter weather and have fun number 1

  • Stock on coffee, tea, hot chocolate or get some noodles if you want instant warm. The moment I woke up every day during winter, I have hot brewed coffee, then noodles then hot chocolate after lunch. If you don’t like any of these, try tea, it is nice way to clean the stomach too. If you are not a coffee drinker, try the tea.

survive the winter weather and have fun 2

  • Of course you need warm clothes. You need to invest in them too, as adults, you can never grow that bigger in after a year so investing in a nice and comfortable winter clothes is a plus. Prepare warm clothes and dress for the weather. Dress in style even in winter. A nice comfy and warm jacket is a must. It never goes out of style and can be wear with jeans. Wear a boots in style with matching neck warmer and gloves for women too. Men look good in turtleneck too. You don’t have a choice, you should dress for the winter, and for women flaunt your style, wear the thick clothes with fashion sense. Men should do that too. Mittens and thick socks is a must.

survive the winter weather and have fun 3

  • Join netflix or other CD/video rental, or video on demand, so that you can have a warm cozy evening, enjoying the winter watching the movie you like. You can enjoy watching a movie near a fireplace with your loved one or family.

survive the winter weather and have fun 4

  • If you don’t have big screen HD TV yet, buy one. You can watch sports in a big screen and that will make you happier.

survive the winter weather and have fun 5

  • Invite your girlfriend, if you don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend, plan ahead, two months before the onset of the cold season as early as July you need to find and searh for the "one" who can make you warm. You can disposed them off after the winter. Just kidding, actually it had been found out in research that more babies are borne in cold countries nine months after the cold season. Don’t forget to protect yourself though, warning, just kidding.

survive the winter weather and have fun 6

  • Think of an activity (indoor activity) which will make your time worthwhile if you’re thinking of a thing which you would like to do but you never did before like cross stitching or for women or for men project to fix anything in the house, (home improvement). Buy games for the whole family like monopoly or cards.

survive the winter weather and have fun 7

  • Read a book which you never had the time to read before.

survive the winter weather and have fun 8

  • If you think you have a knack of being a writer, start to scribble a thought and all you need is a journal, ball pen and a laptop or computer. Of course you need Internet connection too so that researching for a topic is easier.

survive the winter weather and have fun 9

  • If you suddenly would like to go out, check out the weather first, if there is blizzard if is not so very important, staying at home and getting cozy is good.

survive the winter weather and have fun 10

  • Always put additional warmer coats in your car so if you need them, you can just immediately get them.

survive the winter weather and have fun 11

  • Check your car too before going out, who would like to get stranded and get frostbite when your car suddenly malfunctioned. Check the tires, lights, battery, brakes, defroster, heater, wiper blades.

survive the winter weather and have fun 12

  • List the foods you will be needing and then buy and go out only as scheduled, you can save gasoline too in doing this

survive the winter weather and have fun 13

  • Lastly, check on the heater in your home, be sure it is working, otherwise keep a telephone number of the nearest repair facility.


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