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How to use the secret Law of Attraction 101

Updated on June 19, 2013
Picture taken in the south of Chile
Picture taken in the south of Chile

Let’s start talking a bit about what the Law of Attraction is… In few words, it means I attract everything –positive or negative– into my life, through my thoughts and feelings. It doesn’t mean that if I ask for money I am going to get it just because I said it out loud over and over. So, “what are you really saying?” let me dedicate this hub to explain some basics on how this really works in order to use this well-kept secret to our benefit.

You could say “that’s not true! I’ve heard a lot of people asking for things, like money, health, or whatever, and they never got anything! I myself have asked for opportunities and a change in my life, and it never comes to me!” The Law of Attraction doesn’t work with your words; it works with your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes our words don’t come out in the right way, so it is a good thing it does not use our words. The bad news is sometimes our thoughts are not the best ones, and since our feelings and our thoughts have a lot to do between them, then our feelings are not so great either, and our thoughts become true. This provides an explanation about the things happening to us.

Take a look outside!

Look at your friends, look at your classmates, look at your colleagues, look at your neighbors, and look whomever you want; pay attention to their situation. There is no direct relationship between being a good/bad person and the things you get in this life. Good people suffer as much as –or even worse than– the bad. So, this is not about being good or bad. “What is it about then?” First, let me clarify, I am just trying to avoid you from feeling frustrated of being a good person and not getting the reward you deserve. Ok, that being said, let’s proceed.

What makes the difference between the people getting the good stuff from the ones getting the bad? The way they think. You can see there’s a problem in anything and you will find those problems in everything. Au contraire, you can see there’s an opportunity in anything, and guess what will you find! That’s right, a wide range of opportunities!

Napoleon Hill once said: “What the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.

Now we have a starting point.

With your thoughts you create your own world, your own reality. This power is a gift you have to earn more control over your life and to increase your spectrum of action in helping other people.

If you want to succeed you need to feel successful! Mark my words: “feel successful”. It doesn’t matter what you want, you need to feel you deserve it, you need to feel like you already have it, and you need to accept it ‑meaning receive it. Let’s take an example of something material, and say I want a car. Repeating over and over that I want a car won’t get me any closer to it. What I need to do is visualize, as specific as I can. Close my eyes, see the car, the exact car I want, in the exact color I want it, see myself approaching to the car, opening the door, getting into the car, and sitting in the drivers sit; smell the air inside the car, picture myself driving it to a specific place. Then I can even go to see the actual car and ask for a test drive, and while driving it feel like I already own it, and enjoy this feeling for as long as I can in order to imprint it in my mind.

The previous won’t give me the car automatically; I won’t wake up the next morning to see the car parked in my garage magically. But “asking” for it in this way will help me to “believe” and “receive”; I will know that I deserve to own that car, and know what it feels like to possess it; I will taste the feeling of already having it and it will get real pretty soon. The Law of Attraction is not meant for lazy people, this is not magic, won’t work at all if we don’t make some effort first; I need to be worthy to receive what I want, I need to probe that I am trying, and stay calmed trusting I will get what I want, not pushing anything, just doing my part of the deal. As you realize, this consists in 3 steps: “ask, believe and receive”.

Ask: recognize what you want and feel you deserve it.

Believe: have faith in that you are going to get it, just like if you already have it.

Receive: embrace what you get and be thankful for it.

Keep it cool…

Sometimes it is a little bit difficult to keep this calm. Some days are harder than others and it’s not so easy to preserve your joy and to trust everything will fall into place sooner than later. So it is very important to understand you need to keep your motivation and faith. Let’s set another example… “I suffer a serious disease”. I already have a diagnosis, so the problem is identified, I am not healthy; I don’t need to pay attention to the problem anymore. I need to focus on being healthy, visualize my body in good physical shape, and see myself running, working out, maybe even playing a sport! Anything that could help me paint the picture in my mind. Once I get to conceive myself as a vibrant human being with a vigorous body, I will feel better instantly –I am not saying I will get my health back in that very moment, but I can assure you I will feel better than I felt few seconds before, and my mind will understand my body is completely healthy, so it will eventually get rid of the illness. That is why it is so important to keep myself in a good mood, so my mind can release all the necessary elements to get my health back, activate my immunological system and eliminate the harmful agents.


This condition may easily be something like overweight, insomnia, or even something way more complex. I have seen people getting better from a terminal cancer, helping –with positive thinking– their medical treatments. I have an example on this issue, a very close and personal one. Allow me to share it with you, alright?

Personal Note:

Daniel ‑my brother‑ went to the Amazonas to make an investigation, and spent nearly 2 months in there; a couple of days after he went back to Chile he presented the first symptoms of an illness. At first, nobody could identify exactly what it was; everybody thought it was a tropical disease, like Malaria or something; in Chile there are no tropical diseases, so it was very scary for everyone at the hospital. After long time hospitalized the doctors finally found it was Hepatitis A –the symptoms were extremely confusing‑ it is not very dangerous, but he spent too long without the needed treatment so the illness got worse and worse.

He spent the whole year hospitalized; it was awful for all of us! I remember so many nights when we –my parents and me‑ were asleep in our home and the phone rang, and on the other side of the line was the doctor, saying: “come as soon as you can to the hospital because he is not going to make it through the night”, fortunately he made it through those nights. Later I decided to stay with him at the hospital as long as needed, next to him. And there too, I can recall those nights in which a nurse woke me up saying: “your brother is about to pass the way, if you want to say your goodbyes you better do it quickly”. I could never find the words to express the feeling of hearing that. Once again, he made it through all those nights. That year was so hard for all of us!

Well, to make a long story short…

My brother told me: “stay calmed, I am going to make it through; I will win this, I’ll walk out from the hospital and head home pretty soon; I’ll meet a girl, someday we’ll marry, have kids, and see them grow up. I know that because I’m feeling better every minute, and I’m getting my health back by the hour. God is with me, restoring my health. I’m too young to die! My life won’t finish on this bed; I’ll overcome this, and make the most out of my life!”

He said those words, and it was so heartwarming, and it was so easy to believe him, because you could see he truly meant them, he was really thinking like that, he felt in his heart he was going to make it. His skin was yellow, but his face was smiling all the time! He was always optimistic! I remember so many people went to the hospital to see him! Nobody could believe he was a goner not so long before.

His faith and positive thinking saved his life. He attracted health back to him. He asked for recovery in the right way, believed he was going to get it, and he received the health with a thankful heart. Today, my brother has a lovely wife and 3 kids, great kids! The oldest one is about to turn 15 years old. My brother is happy, enjoys his family, and his job. They have a wonderful life, full of hope and health.

A few words to close…

Some scientists may say there is no scientific back up to probe the existence of the Law of Attraction, but there is nothing to probe that it doesn’t exist, neither. And they will have to recognize that when you think positive, positive things come to your way. Try it, you have nothing to lose. Ask, believe, and receive.


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    • Marcelo Lagos profile image

      Ruben Marcelo Lagos Olguin 4 years ago from Santiago, Chile

      That's so right, I remember my brother was so weak -and getting worse- that it was really hard to expect a happy ending from that experience. Thankfully, we got a happy ending!!

      I'm glad you made it too! I'm sure that moment was like hell for you and your family, especially being such a young child! I'm sorry I made those bad memories comeback to you!

      Thank you for taking the time to read, comment, and share your experience here ChrisNaish!!

    • ChrisNaish profile image

      Chris Naish 4 years ago from Cardiff UK

      That's a touching story about your brother, so glad to hear that he got through that time and returned to health.

      I had a case of hepatitis when I was a young child, I was that young, I can't even remember which type it was but I do have memories of being so weak that I couldn't even walk to go to the toilet.

      Must have been a bad time to be one of those rare memories of childhood you can recall when something (like this hub) rekindles the memory.