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How To Get Taller

Updated on October 22, 2011

Like many other things in life, height is one of those things that most of us have no control over. Sadly enough our genes do the decision making for us in this matter.

We can stay healthy, keep ourselves fit, wear good clothes but unlike all these things, we cant just grow a couple of inches taller whenever we want.

There are many people in the world who wish that they were taller and look in awe at others who are blessed with better heights.

Even though, it is not a pre-requisite for looking good, most people consider it so. We have all come across people in our lives who are depressed and in a complex due to their short statures and crave a taller height.

Most people naturally assume that there is nothing that they can do to grow taller and accept the fact; there are still others who will go to any height to achieve those few more inches that they need.

The newspapers and the internet are both teeming with magical diet –supplements that help people grow taller and they directly target those poor few who will do anything to get taller.

Some of these supplements might as well work, but as far as I have heard, they are much too expensive. Unlike what these supplement sellers will tell you, there are much cheaper ways to achieve up to 3 additional inches of height.

However, among the most popular methods of gaining height, some are:

Doing Stretching Exercises

It is the most natural and simplest way to gain up to 3 inches of height. Stretching exercises are also relatively safer as they involve no in-take of growth-enhancing stuff.

What stretching does is, it strengthens the spinal cord and the muscles around it and its regular repetition will result in the developing of the muscles around the spinal discs. Once this happens, spinal decompression will make the spine straighten and elongate and it will grow a few inches in height.

It is an easy option as the only thing required is focus and determination. The results are always positive and apart from increasing height these exercises will also make you much leaner and fitter.

Taking Dietary Supplements

There are many expensive supplements available in the market, that promise an increased height. These supplements contain ingredients such as proteins, amino acids and vitamins and help the body become stronger and taller.

The biggest problem with most of these supplements is that one never knows which will work on you and which won’t. A friend of mine used a supplement once and went raving about its result. We all did actually notice an increase in her height.

Another friend, when on her advice bought these expensive supplements, started complaining of increased headaches and dizziness. Eventually she had to stop taking them. Another thing is, most of them are expensive and it is a gamble of sorts if you decide to take them.

Human Growth Hormone

This is an even more expensive option than those supplements. These hormones also are of course not available as easily as the supplements are. The human growth hormones have to be injected and increase from 5 to 10 inches of height.

These are very expensive because the production of synthetic growth hormones is an advanced process that is highly complex. However there are too many problems associated with injecting growth hormones in people.

The hormones may affect other hormones and glands in the body and the side-effects can range from falling hair to other more dangerous problems. This is certainly something that most people should not consider on their priority list if they want to grow taller and remain healthy at the same time.

Growth Hormone Stimulators

This is a very good alternate to stretching exercises if you are too lazy to do them. These stimulators are substances that affect the pituitary gland and force it to release a higher amount of growth hormone.

Since the hormones produced are made by the body itself, it is a safer and much healthier way to grow taller. These stimulants are also much cheaper and have very little side-effects.

They make the metabolism faster and help the body grow leaner due to the loss in fat resulting from its intake.

The only problem with these stimulants is that they only work on younger people. If you are below the age of 20, they’l do wonders for you, but if you are older than 30, you will be just wasting your money.

It would be safer to say as a conclusion, that although tall height isn't everything, for those who want it, it is achievable. The best option if you are young would be to either take the HGH stimulants or to exercise, as both will work well for you. For those who are older, stretching will work very well as long as you stick to it.


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