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How to Lose Weight Fast After Pregnancy

Updated on August 1, 2012

Every woman wants to be pregnant at some point in their life. It’s a life changing event that could entirely overhaul a woman’s maturity and priorities. Although I’ve never been pregnant, a close friend of mine recently gave birth to a baby boy. No words can express the joy that her face emanates while carrying her newborn baby. However, she is now frustrated about her excessive weight. It’s just normal for a pregnant woman’s body to gain weight and expand as the baby on her womb does. By the end of a woman’s labor, she will surely gain tons of pounds and folds of excess fats. But who would want to stay fat after pregnancy?

As I’ve searched the internet for answers to help my friend, I read various articles which claim that fat developed during pregnancy will eventually shed off naturally. The only problem is that it’s a tedious process. It can also be easily interrupted by stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and other factors. A woman should really do something if she wants to transform her body shape like it was before pregnancy. To help every new mothers out there lose weight fast, here are some guidelines.

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Breastfeed your Baby

Breastfeeding is probably one of the best natural methods to lose weight after pregnancy. Milk produced in your chest adds excess body weight so giving it to your body. You can lose up to calories a day by simply breastfeeding your baby. You can also avoid breast-related illnesses through breastfeeding while being assured that your baby will have all the nutrients and vitamins he needs. This is a win-win situation so every new mother should never hesitate about breastfeeding their newborn.


Don’t just sit there! Move around! Exercise!

Regular exercise is imperative for weight loss especially after pregnancy. The most exciting part is that exercise can also help lessen post partum depression. By allotting at least an hour of your every day to exercise, you’ll not only shed off several pounds fast but also stay away from stress and other negative psychological effects of pregnancy. Nevertheless, consulting a physician before following any kind of exercise routine is a must. This is true particularly if you undergone C-section. There are exercises intended for recently pregnant woman so having an appointment with a professional trainer who you trust is a good move as well.


Put an End to Any Unhealthy Eating Habit you developed during Pregnancy

Most women overeat while being pregnant. This is just normal as you basically need to eat for the baby inside as well. However, you should discontinue eating huge meals after pregnancy. Any amount of exercise won’t bring upon noticeable results if not paired with a healthy diet. However, new mothers are not advised to follow extreme fad diets. Keep in mind that you still need to eat for your body to recover. The trick here is to eat the right kinds of foods. Instead of eating chips for snack, get an apple or any fruit. Be sure to include vegetables in your daily meals as well. Aside from assisting your weight loss endeavors, following a healthy diet is also beneficial for your baby as it guarantees healthy breast milk.


Consider Kegel Crunches

This type of exercise greatly helps in strengthening a recently pregnant woman’s vagina. Kegel Crunches is not as complicated as it sounds since it’s more like simply stopping the flow of your urine. Despite its simplicity, the effects that this type of exercise brings upon can be astonishing and drastic if done accordingly and in a regular manner. Consult the nearest Kegel exercise expert to know more. The internet is also a valuable source of information to know more about this exciting way to lose weight after pregnancy.


Personally take care of your Baby

Attending on every need of your Baby can be a natural form of exercise. You’ll be surprised how tiring this task is. Aside from its weight loss benefits, the experience is very satisfying. Being a mother and personally taking care of your newborn might mean hard work but you’ll be rewarded with your baby’s smiles and laughs. The bond that you’ll develop with your baby is priceless so don’t simply pass the responsibility to others. Keep your baby close and take care of him as much as possible to not only lose weight but most importantly experience the joys and hardships of being a mother.

You are not alone in this endeavor. Gain inspiration and support from your family particularly your husband. Encourage him to exercise and follow a healthy diet with you. It’s never easy to lose weight fast after pregnancy yet it is very possible through hard work and discipline. Moreover, having the person who loves you the most by your side in every step will make it a lot easier. Congratulations for having beautiful new baby and may you succeed in gaining back a fitter figure!

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