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Humans, Drug Lab Rats?

Updated on November 12, 2011

Base Camp and Exploration in the Great Outdoors

Prescription Induced "Early" Death

Have we become the little white rats supporting the Off-Market Label drug trials and product-to-market programs? And is this why our prescription drugs have a ridiculous cost: “Factor cost of class lawsuits and cost of “off-label development and FDA blind-eye policies .” Are Off-Market Label drug policies breaking our healthcare systems back? Is there anything that can be done about it? (Read hub article. Link below “Off-Market Label Drugs Deceive Patients”)

I’ve provided a link ("Defective Drugs, Dangerous Drugs, Class Action Lawsuits") at the end of this article to view 41 of the most dangerous "FDA approved" prescription drugs that have Class Action Lawsuits. These lawsuits are an indicator that “quick drug product to market” is not going to stop anytime soon. As long as the FDA turns a blind eye and appeasement to R&D marketing protocols, consumers will continue to experience more ill-health side effects and prescription induced “early” death. This cycle will continue as long as our federal government allows this type of immoral practice to occur and the class action lawsuits are an overall cost-of-doing business. We the consumer have become the control rats in the pharmaceutical R&D program. Class Action Lawsuits is now the best way for science to know exacly how Off-Market Drug labels and first to market drugs are impacting our health. All the data is spilled through litigation... Which we all pay for in one way or the other. What a cost effective way to gain medical data on a mass of affected people (class action lawsuit).

Think about it. Even the fines issued by the FDA are only a slap in the hand to hundreds of billion dollar companies. Fines do not incentivize these companies to change the way they do business, but instead incentivise a “pay-per-play” accepted protocol policy which gives the appearance of our Federal government doing something about these drug industries malicious business practices.

If our government really cared about all of these class action lawsuits, they’d slap an injunction to stop distribution-to-market and remove any drug label that is deemed to have caused significant medical harm and death. And if they were serious about consumer protection, fine these companies in a way that hurts their bottom line and require companies to begin the drug trial approval process from start to finish. But this won’t happen, why? Federal regulatory agencies are in bed with these deep pocketed companies and addicted to the money.

It is obvious FDA and Drug-to-Market trust is now being challenged by many class action lawsuits that appear to be a “status quo” industry business practice with no end in sight. The FDA is also under a tremendous amount of pressure from government oversight committees, consumer watch dogs and other advocates to better regulate the industries drug approval process before entry into market.

Does American greed have no conscious? Those without a moral compass seem to only care only about their here and now. Think about it. I don’t know the entire solution in how to resolve this particular crux. My only thought is, without moral leadership at the helm of any corporate, or government regulatory agency, these types of things will change little because of corruption within these institutions.

Can we do something about this? Absolutely! “We the people" can vote the governmental vermin out of office! And fill those seats with good guys. How do you know who the good guys are? Simple, they have a honorable moral and leadership characteristic, with little interest in lining their pockets. Look for the money trail which is a dead giveaway; also, “motive and who endorses them."

Good guys also don’t seek recognition for doing the right things, it just comes to them. And they only seek to rise higher in the leadership hierarchy to do greater good serving the people and appointing “moral good guys/gals.” They are also responsible and accountable for their actions and to the people under which they serve.

If this “business as usual” approach does not change, further erosion of Obama care mandates will occur because policy will prove to be “cost unsustainable.” And if health reform does not control the “status quo” drug approval process, these governmental policies will crumble and take our economy with it. As to continue forward with such drug approval processes will cause irreversible harm to our health care services and economy.

If you take any prescription drugs, check the 41 class action lawsuit list of drugs link below. See if yours is on this list and learn everything you can about it. Don't become a lab rat for these greedy industries if there is a better alternative out there for you. Check with your doctor and ensure you have the best medication for your ill-health condition with the least harmful side effects.


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    • Houseofmax profile image

      Houseofmax 7 years ago

      Great thoughts on a very sad situation. As long as our health remains a pawn in the coffers of for-profit business, the problem will only become worse.