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How to Prepare for a Hurricane.

Updated on April 17, 2014

Hurricane Damage


Preparing for a Hurricane to hit your home is not something you have time to ponder about. You must act quickly and clearly so making a list can be your biggest help

  1. Put all your important documents, child's birth certificate, home owner's policy, passports,credit cards and money and any other important information in clear plastic bag to take with you if you evacuate.
  2. Take photos of each room of your home so you have documentation of your possessions. Also take photo of outside of home.
  3. Bring in any toys, lawn furniture or loose objects that can be launched by the wind to harm you, others or your home.
  4. Pull up all vinyl outside shades and secure well.
  5. Help out your neighbors who might be away if necessary by grabbing anything they may have loose
  6. Fill your cars up with gas ahead of time giving yourself plenty of time not to be stuck in traffic.
  7. Bring along a well stocked first aid box.
  8. Many people cut down tree limbs that are over their home or even nearby that might act as torpedo's in a storm
  9. Windows can be protected with inexpensive plywood found at your local hardware store
  10. Pack only essentials if leaving. Charge your cellphone to communicate with the outside world.
  11. Bring along some pillows,blankets water , snacks and toys for children. Dry formula and diapers if necessary.
  12. If you are staying home. Be sure you have fresh water supplied and non-perishable food .You will need flashlights and batteries along with your plastic bag of essential documents.
  13. Fill your tub with water to flush your toilet if the water supply is turned off. This can also be used for drinking water if necessary.
  14. If you have a battery operated radio now is the time to pull it out.
  15. Unplug small appliances
  16. Stay calm and don't ignore evacuation order.

It is your right to stay during evacuations but please be prepared if you do sol. Electricity, running water, cell phone, essentially your contact with the outside world may be shut off. Be prepared for this. Make sure you have all your medications refilled and safely put away in plastic along with anything else you need for basic activities of daily living. It is also good to have a well stocked first aid box. You can find these at any local pharmacy or even general store such aswalmart, Costco, and others.

Blood supply goes down in local hospitals during times of emergency . If you can donate now.


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