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Bushes Emergency Management

Updated on October 11, 2011

Bush Emergency

I doubt Florida could possibly vote for any Bush. After Popi Bush failed to help Hispanics and migrant workers after Hurricane Andrew he lost his bid for re-election. George wasn't much better with Hurricane Katrine. And well, although all of Jeb's speeched to Floridians can never be forgotten. During Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne, I can't reference them on You tube, JEB had a very public break down. I have Democrat friends who taped him cracking up on television and evacuating the entire state when there wasn't gasoline or generators' to get the gasoline out of the pumps in all of Florida.

I can honestly say, we have never been made whole from those hurricanes. Fema under the direction of Michael Brown was well less than helpful if anything they were completely and totally neglectful. Remember at this time, I don't have JEB's disastrous response on television so I can only remind you of how bad Jeb's Father and Brother handled hurricanes which is clear they can't cope in emergencies.

That video may show up and I will happily put it up for you to read. Perhaps you could send it to me if you have a copy of JEB going ballistic.

Bushes Hurricane Andrew

And then Bush 43...

While not in Florida still poor Emergency Management Skills.

Bushes Hurricane Katrina

JEB Hurricane Francis

About 3 weeks lalter then there was Jeanne.



Jeb's Emergency Management

Jeb was no better if anything worse and FEMA didn't pay the people most effected by Florida. JEB promised the migrant population he would be out with the national guard within the next day for the migrants who were in the most substandard housing and were at the greatest risk of dying. I doubt they survived. Many of them didn't in hurricane Andrew. They stopped counting and IDing bodies at one point so many immigrants died.

My Democratic friends have JEB tapped on their VCRs when he was having a fit during these evacuations and had to be pulled away from the microphone. He knew his career was over then. So I wonder why he thinks our memories are so short?

I haven't even shown you how badly our area was hit and reminded you that "Brownie" was FEMA director for us as well and no money. I have video taken from inside my home during the storm and you have to had to live through it to appreciate how truly awful it was.

What part of you doesn't understand the Bushes are never going to be there for anyone but themselves?

Bushes Emergency Management

There is absolutely no indication that JEB is prepared to lead because he could not handle the hurricanes in Florida. His Father couldn't handle the hurricanes in Florida and his Brother did very little if anything after the Hurricanes in Florida and Louisiana. How can JEB expect to lead when he can't even take care of the people in the state he was Governor.

How is JEB any different than his family? They all can't fend in an Emergency.

I have PTSD just posting the hurricane footage and the 2 trillion dollars I have no idea who got it but perhaps the Bushes themselves. Florida didn't see it.


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