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I Love my Life Totally

Updated on December 20, 2017


Here I am, unemployed, have very little money, and have lost most ambition to try working.  But, that being said, I love my life.  The colors are not gone, the beauty in the faces of children still makes me smile.

I cried when I lost my job, for about two minutes!  The best thing I could have had happen to me was losing my job with a tyrant boss who believes his superiority in status gave him the right to lecture and treat me as though I was an uneducated third grader.

So, I'm relieved.  Like I said, the colors still exist.  The world is still rotating, and I'm keeping afloat, albeit just a little bit.  I will survive, it's in my nature.  I have family who do not understand my convictions, and have other family who like to make me feel stupid.  To heck with them, right????  It is my life and my choices.

As long as I know I'm smart, as long as I know I'm moving forward, then that is the important thing.  Shower every day, get the grandson off to school.  Put on nice clothes and do my work at home stuff that pays very little, but would pay more if I did more.  My ambition is spread out thin.

I knit and crochet, working on a gift business to open up in the fall.  I type well, making money typing up how-to's.  I have a computer business and a writing business.  I am very ambitious.  You know what?  I had no idea I had any ambition.  Necessity is for sure the mother of invention.  I'm re-inventing myself.

I have blog sites that no one visits, but that is probably because I don't know what I'm doing to make people find it.  I have web sites for my computer repair and my writing and my knitting/crocheting crafts businesses.  I even found that I can make money creating web sites.  Now, if I can get good business doing that, I can make money sitting on my behind in the comfort of my recliner.

Who could possibly complain?  Because I lost my job I fell into a lower tax bracket, causing me to receive more in tax return money.  That will get hubby into truck driving school, and a porch/enclosure out my back door.  I will be able to fix my wall in the living room and paint the whole thing a lovely pearl color with an accent wall of beige with paisley print paper.  I am excited.

I will begin investing in ceramic tile for my bathroom to update it, even though it is small it doesn't have to be ugly, right?  Am I right?  LOL.

I'm excited about all the changes that I can make in my life.  If I update my home I can entertain people here.  I would love to have a party here with family and their friends.  I would like to have a New Year's party next December 31, and a 4th of July BBQ.  I think that my introverted physical personality needs to be updated along with the ambition I've developed out of that necessity.

I'm excited for myself, for my family, for my home, and my life.  I'm excited about the possibilities that tomorrow can bring us all.  Politics are not on my mind today.  Being pseudo-broke does not concern me today.  I dodged a bullet or two.  The electric company was at my door to turn off my electricity, and we talked with civility, and she walked off.  I paid the bill which was very nearly almost not even late, and then remembered to check my gas bill.  Sure enough it was also late, so I paid it.  I wrote a couple articles, made a few bucks, and got some yogurt.  I did say I was re-inventing myself, didn't I?

Did I tell you my hair is permed loose curly and is now a really pretty highlighted auburn color?  I love it!  It made me feel young and now that I look at myself in the mirror I like what I see.  Out with old Kate and in with re-invented Kate.  The Kate that has resolved to be more calm, to lose a bit of weight, to dress more feminine, to stop biting my fingernails (this one is hard!!) and to keep on moving forward.

No one can stand in my way.  I am writing my book, and hope that it is good enough to get published if I ever get it done.  Fantasy books should be easy, you'd think.  They should be much easier because you can make anything out of your words.  Integrate the fantasy with reality and it makes things a bit harder.  Put the entire story in a real place and it makes it nearly impossible if you've never been there, but I'm having fun putting the words out on the paper.

I love my life, I love the lack of stress.  I love being able to keep my home clean, even if it is a very old house that needs a ton of work.  I love that I can get up and hit the snooze bar six times.  I love that I can sit in my comfy recliner and watch CNN or Fox news and type up some stuff.  I am not really keen on being interrupted.  I still don't like people invading my brain.  But as long as I live with other people I will have no choice and I will concede and I will continue to adapt.

What is wrong with me?  I'm happy with nothing to be happy for?  I have plenty to be happy for.  Grandson is a good boy, although he does whine a lot.  My husband is a good man although he does talk to me in a condescending manner.  My daughters are great, even if one likes being called a slut and ho, and the other one is too busy to visit often, and my sons are good even though the older one has lost his respect for anyone, including me.  My life is good, it will get better.

Anyone know how to invest in the stock market?  I sure wish I did! Have a nice day, OK?  Because I will!


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