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I am Not My Own Weakest Link

Updated on January 1, 2014

I was joking with a friend about needing to visit the Wizard of Oz and asking for courage . . . and maybe a brain.  This little joke got me to thinking . . . do I truly need to ask for courage?  I have heard it said of a group that they are only as strong as the weakest member.  If that is true, what does it mean for an individual?  Am I only as strong as my weakest moments?  I decided that the answer is NO, I am not going to accept that as a definition of my life.

Everyone had encountered at least one person in their lifetime that has been a negative influence.  This is the person that tells you stuff like: “you can’t do that,” “you will never make it,” you won’t succeed so don’t even try.”  Every time a person hears those negative comments, it raises a sense of self doubt.  What if that person is right?  What makes me think that I can do this?

The key to fighting that negative voice is to remember that the negative person doesn’t know your inner strength.  The key to fighting the self doubts is to tell yourself, “I am only as weak as my strongest moments!”  

It is not always easy to fight those negative thoughts and voices, but you don’t need to seek the Wizard of Oz for courage or a brain.  As the Wizard says, you don’t need to ask for courage because it has always been inside of you . . . you just have to find it. 

Don’t believe in the saying “fake it ‘til you make it” because you will never know when you stop faking.   Believe in yourself, have faith that you can do what you set your mind to, and you will never have to fake it!!

Every one has their weak moments. Every one will have times where they doubt themselves. The key is to not let those weak moments or self doubts rule your life. You made a mistake ... so what? Learn from the mistake and let it strengthen you rather than question your other actions or decisions.

You may be thinking to yourself - "easier said than done. what does this person know about me or what I have been through?"

The advice I give is based on the hard times I have been through myself. I survived an abusive relationship, major health issues (including cancer), and many times where I felt I did not have anyone that I could turn to. I grew up with more people telling me that I couldn't do some thing or that I wouldn't succeed if I tried than I had people that encouraged me to try.

In my moments of weakness and self doubt, I can still hear the voices of the people who were always telling me that I wouldn't be good at something so I shouldn't even try. I use those voices to encourage myself to do my best, just so I can prove those people wrong.

Do you have family or friends that support you and encourage you to do your best at everything you try?

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    • profile image

      Shannon Kleespies 5 years ago

      Remember when others start point at you telling you that this is what is wrong with you and you need to fix it. It really is simply their reflection that they see of themselves. It has nothing to do with you.