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How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Help Your Life

Updated on September 29, 2013

Attracting What You Want In Life

To attract what you want in life you have to align your vibrational frequency to the thought or thoughts that are currently running through your mind. If your thoughts are in line with what you want to attract then the two will come together and you will get what you want. If you are trying to attract something or someone without really thinking it is possible then it will not happen as the universe is always attempting to match like with like.

You have to think and say the correct things to yourself or to the universe. Instead of saying for instance, " I never have enough money", try saying "I always have plenty of money." People who are continually stating they don't have enough money or time etc continue to live in that situation. Basically you get what you expect. One thing I keep saying is "I'm always waiting for people." When I catch myself doing it I make a point of changing that mental statement to something along the line of what I want to be the case - people are always on time. Gradually the situation will change to fit in with your new thought patterns. So if you don't want a particular situation in your life, try not to spend a lot of time thinking about how you don't want it, but instead try to focus on what you do want. It takes focus and practice but each time you catch yourself out and change the thought you move closer to what you do actually want.

Some people like to use affirmations to attract what they want and these should be done daily if you choose to use this method. Try to keep the affirmations in the present tense as if they have already come true - I always have plenty of money; money flows to me from all directions; I get unexpected income...Of course attracting doesn't always have to be about money. It can be a new job, relationships. If you do use affirmations they remind you to try and do something about the situation you are trying to change or improve as well. They help to keep you on track.

I have got in to the habit of repeating my affirmations when I walk my dog. Almost as soon as we start I verbally go over all my desires. It has become such a habit. Some times I say them out loud and other times I say them to myself depending on who is around.

As well as affirmations you can visualize what you want. Firstly decide what your want to attract in to your life using the law of attraction. Write it down in the present tense as if the wish has already been granted. For example " I have a wonderful new job." Read your wish each day. Three times a day is good; morning, noon and night. Imagine you already have the desired item, situation or relationship. Visualize it exactly as you wish it to be. Whilst visualizing feel emotionally connected to the visual. Imagine how you will feel when this wish has become a reality. Throughout the day think positively about your wish and feel positive that it will happen. If doubt should creep in, change those doubtful thoughts into positive ones when you notice them.

I think apart from anything else it's a bit of fun experimenting with this sort of thing to see what can be achieved. Our minds are fascinating pieces of equipment and we may as well see what they are capable of. Good luck and enjoy the process.

Recently I changed my job. Every day for a week I visualized myself in the new job and doing the things I thought I would be doing in this job. After the week of visualizing I let it go. I had rung the place I wanted to work at and taken my CV in. Not too long after I received a call to come in and talk to my now employers. I have now been in the job for over twelve months.


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    • tebo profile image

      tebo 4 years ago from New Zealand

      Yes I agree totally. Using your mind which is a free commodity to attract positive outcomes has to be worth trying, and I think it's a bit of fun too. Thanks for your comments Au fait.

    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 4 years ago from North Texas

      An interesting concept. I know that what one things about things can make a big difference in outcomes. This is worth a try and costs nothing.

    • tebo profile image

      tebo 4 years ago from New Zealand

      Well good on you Rafaela Lima. It's really good to hear of people who have success. I know I have too. Thanks you for reading and commenting.

    • Rafaela Lima profile image

      Rafaela Lima 4 years ago from US

      I know exacly what you said! I changed my whole life in just one year. What is perfect! I use it all day long, for everything, no just for money, but for everything else in life. Specially for relationships!

    • Midianite profile image

      Midianite 6 years ago from Australia

      After your comment on my piece, I decided to come back and re-read this hub. I believe that this could be the answer to my question (posted on my hub)

    • tebo profile image

      tebo 6 years ago from New Zealand

      Thanks SmartChica for your comments. I try and meditate every day too. I agree it is like experimenting with your mind. They are capable of many things if we take the time to work with them.

    • profile image

      tebo 6 years ago

      Thanks Nell, Sorry I just realized I didn't respond to your comment when I read it last week. Yes it tends to keep you on track. Thanks for commenting.

    • SmartChica profile image

      SmartChica 6 years ago

      Noticing my thoughts is becoming easier with 15 minutes of meditation every day. It is like experimenting with your mind, a good way to live I think. Love this hub, very thought provoking!

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 6 years ago from England

      Hi, I have read the book and I quite agree with you it is good, whether the universe does listen or not, it helps to reafirm it in your own mind, great hub! cheers nell

    • tebo profile image

      tebo 6 years ago from New Zealand

      Thanks Midianite. I enjoy playing around with it when I remember to.

    • Midianite profile image

      Midianite 6 years ago from Australia

      nice concept to the hub : )

      - you have a new follower.