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Improve Your Physical Fitness To Accomplish Great Things In Life

Updated on August 21, 2011

A few people think that by doing exercises, they will have more appetite and this will force them to overeat. According to them, this will increase their calorie intake and they will become more fat and gain in weight. Due to this fear, they do not do exercises at all. But, they forget the important point that without exercises, they will not be able to burn their calories fully. The unburned calories will remain in their body as excess fat or weight.

Another point is that exercises give people an invaluable sense of well-being. It is a proven fact that this feeling induces happiness in them. When you do exercises, your body produces endorphins and they are the hormones that give you this sense of well-being and happiness. So, it is very much necessary that you should do your regular exercises. This will also improve your self-esteem and give a boost to your confidence level.

A few others express their inability to do exercises due to paucity of time. This is a lame excuse. If you do an honest analysis, you will find that you are wasting quite a lot of time in indulging in unnecessary and unproductive activities. If you remove them from your daily routine, you will have a lot of surplus time. It is a question of determination and willingness to do such an analysis and find sufficient time for your exercises. You should do at least 30 minutes of exercises on a daily basis.

Your exercises regimen must be planned in consultation with your doctor and physical trainer. You can not have a false notion that you should be able to do all types of exercises. It is not possible also. But, your exercises regimen should consist of cardiovascular exercises, muscle-building exercises and those exercises that can improve your flexibility.

Cardiovascular exercises are very much necessary because they strengthen the functioning of your heart and lungs. There will be an improved blood circulation and since oxygen is supplied to all the parts of the body, these exercises will immensely help the entire body. Brisk walking, jogging, running, swimming, cycling, etc. are good cardiovascular exercises.

Since cardiovascular exercises burn the muscle mass also, you need to do muscle-building exercises also. For re-building your muscles, you need the help of proteins and so, you should increase your intake of protein-rich foods. If you do these exercises and re-build your muscles, these muscles themselves will prevent you from becoming over-weight or excessively fat. This is because muscles need more calories to maintain themselves and so, they will be burning calories round the clock.

Muscle-building exercises will make your muscles stiff and therefore, you need to impart flexibility into them for which flexibility exercises should be done. Yoga is very good for relaxing your muscles and making them flexible. Stretching, pilates, dance exercises, etc. can also help you to make your muscles flexible.

By following this exercises regimen regularly, you can be fit and happy. Since your confidence level goes up, you can perform better in whatever job you undertake. So, climbing the career ladder and succeeding in all your endeavors become easy for you.


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