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Improving Vision Without Eye Surgery and Glasses

Updated on October 4, 2010

The Natural Way To Improving Your Eyes - Rx Not Required

Your eyesight is one of the most valuable aspects of your health. They're important yet easily taken for granted as we grow up. There's a lot of focus on caring for your teeth early in your childhood that follows you all your life, but besides a few vague rules from those who care for you, there isn't a lot of information passed on about caring for your eyes. Yes, there's a lot you can do to heal and improve your vision and we're going to share the most important ones here.

Eye Exercises

Exercising your eyes to reduce eyestrain is an excellent place to start. Your vision is affected by eyestrain more than you may realize, and looking in one place for long periods of time or squinting for a better look strains the eye muscle. Such activities can deteriorate your vision and there are a few excellent techniques that allow you to heal those muscles.

Step One: Focus on a far away object and gently sway from side to side without breaking your gaze. It's alright to blink naturally, we're reducing the rigidity of your eyes with this method. This activity is best for relaxing eye muscles and significantly reduces eyestrain. About 100 gentle sways a day will work wonders.

Step Two: Put your hands over your eyes but do not apply any pressure. The goal here is to block out the light and nothing more. Take about ten minutes and simply relax your eyes in the darkness. Set a stopwatch or any type of alarm so you know when ten minutes are up. Tip time! Finding a comfortable eye cover that some people use for bedtime is an excellent tool for this step.

Step Three: This process will actually help improve the sharpness of your eye and reduce sensitivity to the light. Find a comfortable place in the morning or evening sunlight and close your eyes. Avoid the afternoon sun as that is too harsh. Tip your face up to the sun (eyes stay closed) and move your head back and forth slowly so the glow through your lids goes from one side of your eyes to the next. Breath deeply and slowly, relax as much as you can. After five minutes or so, use the method in Step Two, but only for a few minutes at the most.

What Foods Improve Eyesight?

Like all excellent exercise routines that work to improve your health, the workout you give your eyes will benefit significantly from eating the right things. Feeding your sight the proper nutrients gives them the extra boost to heal and repair damage, even to the point of fighting off cataracts and macular degeneration.

Start with any leafy green vegetables. Notable mentions are collard greens, spinach, kale and broccoli, which contain high amounts of zeaxanthin and lutein among the necessary carotenoids your eyes use to repair themselves.

Fruits contain a lot of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Fruits that contain vitamin A and Beta-carotene are good for our eyes. Vitamin A in Apricots, Berries, Grapes, Lemons, Plums, Mangoes, Carrot, and Tomato aids your vision.

Cold water fish is next on this restorative menu, which are rich in the necessary Omega-3 oils your eye health relies on. Cod, tuna, salmon and sardines are especially good, and for some added variety, add haddock to your meal plans.

To add a boost to the lutein and zeaxanthin in your system, find eggs that are from pasture raised chickens. Adding only one a day including the yolk works exceptionally well for improving eye vision. Why pasture raised chickens? They absorb more nutrients in their diets than cage chickens and those benefits are passed on to their eggs.

The blood vessels in your eyes rely on flavonoids for protection. The place to find them is a surprising treat, and in a way can feel like a reward for eating right to improve your vision. We're talking about dark chocolate and red wine. Please note that these should be consumed in moderation and not in excess.

Supplement & Vitamin
If you're like me, you're probably wondering if there are vitamins or herbal supplements that can also add to this routine, and I'm happy to tell you yes!

You can start by relaxing the blood vessels in your eyes to help reduce eyestrain with Passionflower. Retinal deterioration can actually be reversed by taking Ginkgo Biloba, which increases nutrients and blood flow directly to the retinas. Supplement that with Mahonia Grape and you will actually help strengthen the capillaries in and around your retinas.

Another excellent supplement is Bilberry Extract, which can strengthen your night vision by providing much needed anthocyanosides. Macular and retinal degeneration both are fought off with this suppliment, so it's not one to pass up if you can avoid it.

Follow this regime with a daily dose of good old fashioned Vitamins E and C to further prevent macular degeneration and this will strengthen your retinas as well.

Improving Vision Do & Don't

Some Helpful Do and Don't Habits To Develop:

  • Don't squint. Avoid this as much as possible as it causes a tremendous amount of eyestrain.
  • Do exercises for those eyes. Roll them to the left, then roll to the right, blink and repeat five times.
  • Don't read in low light levels as this can cause unintended squinting and hyper focusing.
  • Do read in well lit areas and take small breaks between chapters to look around and relax the eyes.
  • Don't itch your eyes by pressing in on them with your fingertips, knuckles or palms.
  • Do use distilled water or over the counter saline eye wash for dry eye itch relief.
  • Don't stare at the computer monitor less than two feet away in a darkened room.
  • Do focus on a pen or pencil at arms length and slowly bring it to your nose until you can't get a clear focus anymore. Repeat this ten times.
  • Don't squint in high winds, lower your eyes for lid protection or shade them with your hand.
  • Do look up and down and left to right, then right to left without moving your head 12 times a day.

How to improve eyesight - Last Words

With careful planning and decent meals followed up by a small delicious treat. these exercises for your eyes can help eliminate the need for eye surgery and glasses.

Video: Eye Exercises


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